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I can't find the course's project files. How do I download them?

In the Ready To Rock section, you'll find a link to download the course's project files. This link will take you there.

I downloaded the project files but now I can't locate them. Where are they?

Your project files likely downloaded to your web browser's default download location. This is often your Downloads folder or your Desktop.

How do I extract or "unzip" the project files?

Just double-click on 'em. That'll extract the zip file, allowing you to see the project files inside.

I can't get the video lessons to play.

If you're experiencing playback problems, the issue is most likely related to the individual device or computer you're trying to play the videos on, bandwidth limitations that may be in place, firewall settings, etc. Our system has been rigorously tested across many, many devices and platforms — not to mention that our system is used by thousands and thousands of learners across the world. That said, if you're having trouble with video playback, here are a few things you can try:

If you're having trouble with playback on your mobile device, Windows computer, or Mac, try refreshing your browser, or even better, try logging out of our site, then logging back in again. Restarting your computer or device always fixes a variety of problems too. Also, ad blockers can sometimes prevent videos from playing.

Here are a few other things you can try: Try using a different web browser, like Google Chrome. Try clearing out your browser's cookies and cache (and be sure to restart your browser before trying to access your course again). Lastly, try accessing your course using an incognito window.

If you're still having problems playing the video lessons, let us know.

Why does the video lesson keep pausing?

If video lessons abruptly play and pause as you're trying to watch them, you may be experiencing a slow internet connection. A solution is to pause the video and wait for it to load before playing it. You can tell a video is loading by watching the control bar at the bottom of the player window. There, you'll see the video load from left to right.

I'm following along with my course, but I'm stuck. Where do I go for help?

Try retracing your steps. Go back to the beginning of the lesson where you began having trouble. Re-watch each lesson to ensure that you haven't missed anything, and that everything functions correctly for you.

Another option is to use an online document comparison tool like DiffNow or DiffChecker — use sites like these to compare the original project files that came with your course against your work. Oftentimes, it’s just a simple matter of missing an angle bracket or forgetting a closing quote.

If you have a broader question about web design or something you're trying to build, check out these valuable resources — they’re where I go to get answers myself: Stack Overflow, W3 Schools, CSS Tricks, Adobe's forums, and the WordPress forums. These collective resources are a godsend, so use ‘em!

I'm having trouble with one of Adobe's products. Where can I go for help?

Your best bet is the Adobe Forums. There, you can search through previous discussions, or post your own. It's a great resource for finding answers to common questions, discussing ideas, and sharing tips and tricks.

I'm having trouble with WordPress. Where should I go to get help?

The Support section on is a huge resource. Much like the Adobe forum, you can search through discussions, and gain ideas, tips and tricks from other users. Another great resource is the WordPress Codex.

I'm still having problems. How can I contact you?

You can contact me right here.