Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Buying From You (#1 Reasons Revealed)

If you're struggling for sales, if your audience, your potential customers, and your target market aren't taking you up on whatever it is you're offering in your online business...then it's usually due to just a few simple factors.

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First, it could be a situation where they don't know you, your business, or your products and services well enough yet. In other words, while they might be aware of you and what you're offering, they don't yet trust you...

...or they aren't yet convinced that the promises and results that your products and services are making are true. So sometimes people are hesitating to buy from you because they aren't yet convinced that your offer will deliver for them.

Another issue could be that the timing simply isn't right for them. Remember, your target market and the audience that you serve aren't a faceless mass of people...they're individuals...they're human beings with real, human challenges, problems, and issues that they're facing and struggling with.

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And just like us, very often things come up for them and the timing of your offer just isn't right. Who knows...maybe they just had their hours at work reduced. Maybe they just got slammed with a $1200 car repair.

Maybe their basement flooded...who knows?! So sometimes, while your offer might be really great, while your prospective customers might totally understand the value and the benefits of your offer...they simply may not be in a position to take you up on it for whatever reason.

Similarly, another situation might be that again, while your potential customer may perfectly understand the benefits and value of your offer, and while they may desperately want it...they may simply not have the money at the moment. We've all been there, and it happens.

Again, they could be facing an unexpected bill or job loss or who knows what...and they simply can't afford your offer at the moment.

Now the most common reason why online businesses struggle to land sales is because the target market they're trying to serve is either too broad and they aren't serving the specific needs of a sub-market of specialized interests...

...or the audience the business is putting the offer in front of doesn't have the problem that the product or service is promising to solve.

In other words, either the product or service isn't solving a difficult, complex problem that people are willing to pay to have solved...or the offer is in front of the wrong audience.

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