Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Buying – Critical Insights!

Ever struggle with sales? I think we all have! So why aren't customer's buying? There can only be a few let's go back to the fundamentals.

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Remember that we only spend money to maintain our lifestyle (bills), or to fill a perceived need we have. This need could be to be entertained, to solve a problem, etc.

The only time we part with our money is when we believe (or hope) that our money is worth less than the problem-solving product we're buying.

Here's an example: If you have a computer problem, and discover that it'll cost $100 to fix it, if the fix is worth more to you than $100, then you'll buy it. If it isn't, you'll put it off indefinitely...until it becomes an immediate, urgent problem.

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A non-emergency problem with our car makes us worry. The cost of fixing it gives us peace of mind. If the repair is a non-emergency, then what we've really purchased is peace of mind...

...we've decided in our heads that the pain of worry costs more to us than the cost of the repair...that we value the peace of mind more than we value the cost of the repair.

Now turn this around. How does this apply to your business? Is whatever you're offering worth more to your customer than the price you're asking? That's an important question!

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