REAL Reason Why You Should Start An Online Business!

What's your online business really about? Maybe the reason you wanted to start a business isn't the same reason you want to keep building it now, who knows? Here's what I mean...

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Maybe you started out because you wanted to make stacks of cash, to buy a big house, and to go on cool vacations -- they those things are great...but they won't really sustain you long. We've gotta aim higher if it's fulfillment we're after.

More money, bigger houses, and more consumer goods isn't the point. Those are Consumer games that aren't worth winning. They aren't worth winning because they're too easy to win -- anyone with good credit can get them.

The real, true purpose of all of this is to do work that's important to you, for an audience of people who care, in the short time you have left. Because honestly, what else have you got to do with yourself? What could be more worthy of your time, attention, and effort?

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But if starting your business isn't really about money, cool cars, and living the life of our dreams, then why not just launch a non-profit? Well because, it's a paradox. See, it isn't all about the money...but it is about money.

Money and all the things that we get as a result of building a successful business is the bait. The fulfilling life you've envisioned for yourself and whatever it may include is the incentive needed to do all the crazy things we do.

Take away the bait, and we have no reason to work as hard as we do, for as long as we do, taking the risks we take, doing the things we do. Take away the bait, and we'd be complete fools to do all this crazy stuff!

So all the things that you and I want, whatever they might be, really are just trophies for a job well done. The car of your dreams, the house of your dreams or whatever else is simply a ribbon you've won for doing well in your business. That's it.

And folks like you and I are crazy enough to actually go for it! Cuz why not?! After all, what better way to spend our time and energy, right? Why not go for the things we want in life. But there's a trick to it all...

In order for us to get what we order for us to finally catch the bait, we first have to forget all about the bait. We have to set our needs and desires aside and instead put all our focus and attention on helping our customers get what they want.

It's the opposite to the airplane oxygen mask metaphor -- in order to get what I want, I have to forget about myself and my needs and focus entirely on you, your needs, your problems, and what you want. Again, it's a paradox.

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