Business Owners: Would You Like To Easily “Build And Run Your Website” Yourself?

Imagine having the skills and know-how to easily build, maintain, and troubleshoot your business website yourself. No need for expensive freelancers. No need for frustrating late nights trying to figure stuff out on your own. No endless trawling through Google or grinding through lame YouTube videos that confuse more than they clarify.

We’ve both been there. It ain’t fun, is it?

Instead, what if you had everything you needed, organized and clarified, in a single online course? And what if this stuff was made simple and easy to follow? And what if it was all suddenly…way easier than you thought?

What if it was even…FUN?!

That’s what Ten Ton’s newest online video course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself, is all about.

“Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff’s insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable.”


Get your business set up and online fast!

See how easy it is to get your business website live on the web — and set up right the first time!

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions!
  • No techie jargon or nonsense — just straight-up plain english!
  • Use modern, intuitive tools to build a beautiful website that’s perfect for your business!
  • See the full course outline right here!

Never be embarrassed by your website again!

Pull together branding elements, beautiful photography, custom fonts, and more to create your website to your exact taste!

  • Discover intuitive, built-in tools to make your website all your own!
  • See how to use modern, visual, drag ‘n drop builders to construct beautiful page layouts!
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and customize specific areas of your website with surgical precision!
  • Get your site looking great on mobile and smartphone devices!

Streaming video right to your phone, tablet, or computer!

Your course comes complete with unlimited lifetime access. Watch and re-watch your course as often as you’d like!

Learn more about how it works!

Let a friend show you how

Hey, I’m Geoff. I help graphic designers, small business owners, and creative people just like you learn about web design, develop valuable, in-demand skills, launch online businesses and creative projects…and yeah, make more money! Learn more about me here.

Learning how to build websites is no different than figuring out perspective drawing, how to weave literary prose, or how to combine chords to make beautiful music. It’s like cooking or woodworking or learning how to fix your car…But for whatever reason, web design’s made out to be highly technical and overly complicated. Let’s change that.


How does it work? Enroll now!

I Remember What It Feels Like To Be Where You Are…

Getting a website live on the web (especially for a business) can be totally confusing and overwhelming, can’t it? Do you ever feel like you’ll never “get it?” Do you ever “feel like a dinosaur?” These are actual statements that I hear all the time from business owners just like you.

And it’s a familiar feeling, because I was once there too…

Years ago, way back in the late 90’s, I was in exactly the same spot as you. I had a business I wanted to promote “on the web.” I knew I had a great product, but I had no idea how to sell it online or even get started.

Web servers? Code? Techie stuff?

Are you kidding me?!

I knew I had a great product…but I had no idea how to sell it online

I just wanted to get my business on the web. And I didn’t want to have to get a PhD to do it. I also didn’t want to pay through the nose to hire a flaky freelance designer, either.

See, that was the trick — if I had truckloads of cash at the time, I could have just hired someone and thrown money at them to get my business online. But sadly, the cash-trucks weren’t running…not in my part of town, anyway! And, the amount of money freelancers wanted was ridiculous. It still is. What’s more, a big part of me didn’t want to be reliant on someone else for my business.

That wasn’t sitting right at all.

Everything I wanted to do with my online business had to go through someone else? I had to get someone else’s permission first? And (as extra salt in the wound) I had to work on their schedule?

This was feeling more and more like a job and less like my own business…I didn’t want those things any more than I wanted a boss, a “normal” job, or a grinding, daily commute.

No thanks!

Do you feel the same way?

Depending on a freelancer is like having a BOSS

I wanted to do things my way. On my terms. I wanted to own and control everything. Know what I mean? It’s how us small business owners think…that nobody else really “gets.”

So with no trucks dumping piles of cash on my driveway, there was only one other choice: To learn how to build my business website myself.

But (and this is important) I knew I didn’t want to become a web designer. Not even remotely. None of that dorky stuff was nearly as cool as being an independent business owner! What I wanted was to use the same tools and methods as web designers used, and leverage them to get the same (or even better) results.

That’s the goal!

I’ll spare you the gory details of what I went through to learn how to build a business website…The dull, stale books. The classes that were dry enough to be a fire hazard. The complete and total information overload…

And of course, the endless amounts of trial and error.

If only I could get everything I needed in a single spot

What I really wanted rather than all this hassle and frustration — rather than all this endless digging and sorting through junk — was this: I wanted to get everything I needed to know, nothing more, nothing less, all in one shot. A single course that didn’t waste my time or go into needless detail or unnecessary nonsense.

I wanted a teacher who sat me down, took me by the hand, and walked me step-by-step through every procedure, process, and exact set of tasks I needed to get started. Someone who didn’t bore me to death or waste my time. I wanted a course that would give me the skills and confidence to handle my website on my own.

That’s why I’ve put together this new course for you, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself — an online course that condenses everything you need to know, and delivers it in an easy to follow, lesson-by-lesson format.

Get it all in one single shot

In your new course, you’ll be taken through the entire process of getting your business website online. Learn and discover the tools the “pros” use to save yourself huge amounts of money, hassle, and effort. Get your business online — from zero to serving your customers — in no time!

Here, grindingly dull classes and mountains of outdated YouTube videos are replaced with modern methods and approaches. Swap endless amounts trial and error for clear concepts and easy to follow examples. Trade late nights of frustration and panic with smooth steps and simple instruction!

This is the course I wish I had in 1998 — but loaded with today’s best tools and methods!

And by the end of your course, you’ll have a beautifully designed website, fully customized to your exact business needs. Imagine your site complete with with bright, full-colour images, graceful, silky fonts, and a modern, mobile-ready layout!

And it’s all easier than you think!

How does that sound?

Awesome, then quickly check out the next section (I want to make sure that you know exactly how this course works), and then you and I can get rockin’ on your website!

“Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff’s insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable.”


What Sounds Better…Hiring An Expensive Designer, Or Being An Independent Business Owner Who Leverages “Pro” Web Design Tools?

Remember, you don’t want to be a “pro” web designer. You simply want to discover and use the straightforward methods, approaches, and tools the “pros” use to get the same results.

This is why your new online video course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself, will push your skills further than you might think possible. And you won’t even realize it’s happening! This is because you’ll get a toolbox of modern, world-class web design tools — software applications, add-ons, and resources — to help get your business set up right. And, you’ll see how they get pulled together into step-by-step methods and strategies that you can easily follow.

You’ll be up and running before you know it!

But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. It’s important for you to know that the times have changed. And so have the tools. It isn’t 1998 anymore. Or even 2008. Today’s modern, well-designed web tools are incredibly straightforward and easy to use. Frustrating interfaces, techie know-how, and clunky code are a thing of the past.

With so many businesses getting themselves online, the tools HAD to be simplified.

And as you well know, everything’s moved online. More and more non-designers are launching their own online businesses with these modern tools. It’s never been easier. “Web design” is becoming something more and more people are jumping onboard with. They’re not only discovering how uncomplicated it is…but they’re also making a lot of money online too!

So now’s the time to see how easy it is!

I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet, but…you only have to learn this stuff once.

Yeah, ONCE!

Learn what “pro” web designers use — their tools, their techniques, their methods and strategies — just once. And then? Then you have a set of killer skills that you can use over and over as much as you like!

In other words, with your new course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself, you can build and run as many online business websites as you want!

How awesome is that!?

(Just remember to shoot me an email — I’ll wanna check out what you’ve been up to!)

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with your new course

How about a run-through of all the great new skills you’ll get in your new course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself?

You’ll start with a strong foundation! You’ll see how to setup and use the most powerful, most flexible and customizable web design platform currently available — WordPress! It’s got a ton of horsepower, which is why it’s so widely used. And you’re gonna see how set up this powerful publishing tool as the foundation for your business website. But there’s so much more I want to show you!

You’ll get introduced to the world of WordPress themes! Themes are design templates that control how your site looks. And you’ll be using a very popular, fully-customizable WordPress theme that’s perfect for business websites. This theme looks and functions beautifully on smartphones, tablets and yeah, even your desktop PC…right out of the box. But then, you’ll take things further…

You’ll get your site looking just right! Get introduced to a set of simple, built-in tools that allow you to easily control and customize your website. You’ll learn how to set up site structure and custom navigation, easily apply custom colours to various layout components, and how to apply beautifully designed custom fonts to build your online brand to perfection.

You’ll learn how to insert and format hyperlinks! Connect your site’s pages together, and even link to other sites and online resources with hyperlinks. You’ll also see how to create custom email links that trigger your customer’s email application. Finally, you’ll also see how you can format your site’s links and tie them into your overall branding.

You’ll find and insert beautiful, royalty-free photography! Discover resources for royalty-free photography online that you can use in your projects. Then, get comfortable working inside WordPress’s Media Library, where you can sort and manage your site’s images. Finally, work with WordPress’s built-in image editing tools to crop, size, and adjust your images to pixel-perfection!

You’ll see how to insert image galleries! Want to include even more photography on your site? No problem! You’ll learn several ways to insert image galleries, with WordPress’s easy to use, drag ‘n drop interface. Select the images you’d like to include, adjust their order, and you’re done!

You’ll build custom contact forms! Don’t let those sales leads get away! See how to build and insert a fully customizable site contact form to capture sales leads — all with ease…no coding needed! Simply create your form using the built-in settings, then insert it wherever you need it!

You’ll easily add a Google map for your business! If your business has a physical location, then including a map on your site is a great idea! You’ll learn a few approaches to inserting maps, including how to build an embedded map into the footer of your site with easy-to-use, drag ‘n drop widget components. But you won’t stop there…

You’ll get comfortable with FTP! FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to connect directly to your website. This is perfect for troubleshooting, customizing, and otherwise directly accessing your website’s files. Once connected, you can download files directly to your computer, work on them, and then re-upload them to your site and view your changes.

You’ll discover the world of WordPress plugins! Plugins allow you to customize and extend your website’s abilities. You’ll tour through many of the most popular plugins available, and see a few methods for adding them to your site. Then, you’ll get a list of critical, must-have plugins you’ll need for your site.

You’ll customize your site further with widgets! Widgets are small add-on components you can add to special areas in your site (called “widget-ready areas”) to further customize your site’s design and behaviour. You’ll see how to not only add widgets, but also how to control and edit them to fit your site perfectly!

You’ll see WordPress’s #1 most popular (and powerful) visual web page builder! This is an incredible tool for intuitively constructing beautiful, modern, eye-catching layouts…Elementor! Elementor, which is completely free, makes building custom page layouts — including customer testimonial sections, featured video blocks, call-to-action banners, and a whole lot more — a breeze.

You’ll see how the “pros” customize sites even further! Learn how to preserve all your site customizations by setting up what’s called a child theme. This allows you to store your custom work so it’ll never be lost. You’ll get the exact, step-by-step set up procedure to make sure your child theme is in place and working right.

You’ll learn how to troubleshoot like an expert! You’ll learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot tricky problem areas in your site, directly in your browser. Then, you’ll see how make tweaks and fixes with surgical precision directly to your site’s code, all in just a few steps! It’s way easier than you think!

You’ll see how to set your site to “under construction” mode! While you’re building and customizing your business website, you can keep your site safe and private behind an optional “maintenance mode” message until you’re ready to unveil your business to the world!

You’ll get your site running fast! Learn about the biggest culprit for a slow-performing website, and what you can do about it. Get hands-on with tools and plugins to help you get your site running smoothly. Then, learn about website caching — what it is and how it works — and how you can use it to help increase your website’s load-time.

You’ll get a step-by-step process to fortify your website! The internet’s loaded with bad guys — bots, hackers, spammers, and more. And they often prey on unprotected WordPress websites. But not yours! You’ll get a full, easy to follow process for completely securing your site from the internet’s most common attacks.

You’ll see how to automate your website data backups! Website back-ups are a must. And while it’s possible to manually back-up your WordPress website, a much better option is to set a regular back-up schedule — one that automatically duplicates your website to a secure location. And that’s exactly what you’ll see!

You’ll master how to move your website from one web host to another! Website back-ups are a must. And while it’s possible to manually back-up your WordPress website, a much better option is to set a regular back-up schedule — one that automatically duplicates your website to a secure location. And that’s exactly what you’ll see!

Get your hands dirty with self-paced tasks! Throughout your course, you’ll be challenged to put your new-found skills to use! Immediately apply what you’ve learned with hands-on tasks, exercises, and assignments. Then, compare your results to mine and see how you did!

You’ll test your skills with built-in quizzes! Periodically during your course, you can pause to test what you’ve learned. Review your material at key points with engaging, challenging quizzes. Hone your understanding, and gain a deeper understanding to help ingrain your skills deeper.

Want even more detail on exactly what’s covered in your new course? Have a look at the full outline.

“Geoff has given me a great foothold of knowledge and insight into web design from which to grow from. I was quite amazed by his knowledge of everything: web, print, design, production, etc. He’s the whole package. He’s a natural, with a myriad of talents.”


Get critical plugins every business owner needs!

In your new course, you’ll discover the world of WordPress plugins — add-ons that allow you to extend the abilities of your website.

But more importantly, you’ll get a list of critical, must-have plug-ins for your business website.

And as you work your way through the course, you’ll see and use many additional plugins to help get your site setup right — from constructing page components, to handling site security, to a whole lot more.

Get comfortable troubleshooting your site!

Changes come up. Problems arise. New customizations need to be applied to your site.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could handle it all yourself?

No more waiting around in frustration for a freelance designer to finally make time for you.

No more paying hourly rates for small, simple changes and fixes.

In your course, you’ll learn how to diagnose problem areas in your layouts. You’ll see how to use built-in web browser tools to find what needs fixing, and then see how to fix them.

Rev up your website’s performance!

Nothing’s worse than a slow-running website. Especially a slow-running business site.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get your site running fast! Specifically, you’ll see how to resolve common site problems by understanding browser and website caching. Don’t be turned off by the techie-talk. It’s easy stuff!

And we won’t stop there. You’ll also learn about one of the biggest culprits of a slow-running website. And, you see exactly what to do about it. You’ll see several approaches, so you can pick one that best fits you!


How does it work? Enroll now!

The “Pros” Want To Charge You Astronomical Fees…
But This Stuff Ain’t Rocket Science!

If you need to keep costs low, if you don’t want to break the bank on this stuff, then you’re in the right spot. I know I can help you save a ton of time, money, and many, many headaches. Having seen the freelancer industry from the inside, I know a lot about how they think and the practices they get up to.

And truthfully, here’s how many freelancers see business owners like you and I: As nothing more than their own personal ATMs — cash cows they can milk for every. Tiny. Thing.

Need a quick, last-minute fix? That’ll cost ya.

Want to feature a new product on your site or run a promotion? That’ll cost ya.

Gotta change some pricing and product info before a big meeting or trade show? That’ll cost ya.

Nickeled and dimed…To death.

That’s the truth. I see it all the time. Oh and, all this “death by nickels and dimes” is on top of what they’ll charge you up front, just to get your site online in the first place!

You’ll need deep, deep pockets and a heckuva lotta patience with these guys. And “pro” designers always seem to take twice as long to get the job done, don’t they?

Why do they behave this way? Because they know you have no other option.

“What are you gonna do, go learn web design yourself?”

Yep — That’s EXACTLY what you’re gonna do!

In your new course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself, you’re going to see a whole lot more than just getting your beautifully constructed website live on the web.

You’ll see how easy it is to to insert big, rich and colourful photos, how to build beautiful, custom page layouts to promote your business, and how to troubleshoot and edit specific areas of your site to get ’em pixel-perfect. You’ll learn how to handle fixes, changes, and last-minute adjustments all by yourself.

This new course is all about showing you, from start to finish, how to set up your website yourself, how to customize it to your exact liking, and how to run it all on your own…all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelancer.

After going through my training, here’s what one of my students, Brigitte, had to say…

“After having a bad experience with a web designer I got lucky and found Geoff’s videos. They’re so well done — simple, clear, not too fast, not too slow.

After watching them I fired my web designer and got hard at work on my own projects, saving tons of money. I can’t say enough good things about Geoff and his courses!”

Awesome — I love hearing stuff like this!

As for you, you’ll learn about insider tools and web design methods that the “pros” charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for — straightforward tasks that are nothing more than “easy-grab” cash-cows for them…stuff that only takes a few minutes to do…stuff they don’t want you to know because it’s so simple.

And I’m gonna show ya exactly how to do ’em!

Heck, once you see this stuff, you might think about doing some freelancing yourself!

See, what isn’t talked about at all is this: None of this web design stuff is rocket science. Not even close. To you, it might seem that way right now. But doesn’t anything you’ve never tried before? <.p>

There’s a quote I think of every time I set out to learn something new…

And you know, I was once a member of the web design laity. And so were all the “pros” who want to nickel and dime you to death.

That’s why I wanna show you that you don’t need a PhD…that building your website isn’t comparable to launching satellites into orbit…that knowledge of nuclear fusion is NOT a pre-requisite! I mean, we aren’t slicing atoms here…it’s only web design!

And once you get rolling with this stuff, you see just how straightfoward building and running your own website really is.

So that’s the deal. I want you to be able to handle last-minute fixes and tweaks yourself — right when you need ’em done. I want you to be able to launch new products, run special promotions, and drive engaged traffic to your business.

And I want you to be free from the stress of flaky designers…who are often too busy or unresponsive for you and your business.

I want your website to look and function beautifully. For your customers and friends to gush and ask, “Your website looks amazing, who built it?”

And for you to proudly say, “I did!”

I hear that all the time. And…what if that isn’t true?

In fact, maybe you’re listening to the wrong people.

If you think about it, not feeling “smart enough,” can probably be traced back to experiences you’ve had (probably with “techie-types”) where they’ve made you feel about 2-inches tall.

Maybe it was a co-worker. Maybe it was a YouTube video that talked way over your head.

Do you remember experiences like that?

But what you have to remember is, everyone starts at zero. Everyone.

This web design stuff has nothing to do with “not being smart enough” or “being a dinosaur” or any of that stuff.

It simply boils down to this…

No one’s ever sat down with you and properly shown you how straightforward it is.

No one’s ever broken it down for you. No one’s ever simplified it.

Think about that for a second.

Have you ever had someone sit you down and guide you through the process? Someone who demystified the whole thing? Who inspired you and gave you confidence to handle things on your own?

Here’s where the “mental roadblock is…

You THINK web design’s hard. Maybe it isn’t…

Maybe people who make you feel like you’ll “never get it” aren’t the best people to listen to.

In fact, this is a huge part of why I do what I do. Demystifying and taking out all the nonsense. Simplifying overly complex concepts. Helping you gain confidence that you can handle things on your own.

See, to me getting a business online (and everything that goes with it) should be fun, creative, and encouraging…not an exercise in painstaking frustration that pushes you to the brink.

That’s not fun at all.

See, the times have changed…

Web design tools are way, way much easier to work with now. In fact, you’re going to be introduced to them, and get really good at using them, in your new course.

Here, we’re gonna break everything down into tiny pieces for you. We’ll take everything one step at a time, in an easy to follow format. Before long, you’ll be up to your elbows in web design going, “This is it? This is awesome…I can’t believe I built that!”

How would that feel?

And here’s something else that’s super-awesome: After a short while, you’ll know more about how to build and run your website than most business owners…and even some “professional” web designers!

You’ll learn everything you’ll need (and more!) to get your business website up and running. And, you’ll have the skills to confidently manage it going forward.

How does that sound?

Bonus course included at no extra cost!

5 Steps To Launch Your Online Business

  • Learn the 3 critical web services you’ll need!
  • Discover the 10 criteria your web tool must meet!
  • 20+ page workbook included!
  • Over 1 hour of free training!
Web design for small business owners

Hackers, Bots, And Worse…How Can You Protect Yourself?

According to statistics from Alexa, over 70% of WordPress websites are unsecured and vulnerable to hackers. And iThemes Security tells us that on average, 30,000 sites are hacked each day.

That’s unbelievable…

And do you know how most WordPress websites are hacked? Most hacks and attacks come as a result of site owners simply not knowing that they’re vulnerable. Most are completely unaware of the dangers…or the simple steps they could take to protect their site.

But in your new course, you’ll get a complete, step-by-step checklist and walk-through of what’s needed to keep your business website safe and secure on the web. You’ll see exactly how to fortify your site against these constant threats and attacks, keeping the bad guys out for good.

First, you’ll learn about the importance of SSL certificates — how they’re a requirement for online businesses to keep your customer’s data safe. And of course, you’ll see how you can get an SSL certificate set up for your site. Then, you’ll find out about common website threats and attacks, and how you can shield yourself against them. You’ll be taken through industry-standard security tools, step by step, solidifying your site and keeping your business well protected.

But you’re not done yet! Next, you’ll learn how to set up secure, scheduled, self-running website data backups. This ensures that your site is always safe and protected, no matter what happens. Knowing that your site’s data is securely backed up gives you the peace of mind to know your site and your data are always safe.

What you learn about site security, data backup, and protecting your online business may well be worth your course’s enrollment fee alone! Should something bad happen, it can cost you hundreds of dollars (maybe more)…and days and days of frustration and lost business.

Learn how to properly secure and fortify your business website with just a little bit of set up. And if an emergency comes up, your future self will thank you!

Not Sure If This Is A Good Fit? Maybe I Missed Something…

As excited as I am for you to jump into this new online video course, I know from our traffic numbers that not everyone visiting this page winds up enrolling. That’s totally okay, as I know this course might not be for everyone. But at the same time, I know how much my students love my courses. I see their reviews come in. I read their emails every day. I talk to many of them on the phone or Skype. And hundreds each year tell me, “I loved your course and didn’t want it to end! It was like you were sitting right beside me the whole time!” Because of this, I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything for you or didn’t clearly explain something. So, I held a special “brainstorming” session to try and figure out why you might not be interested in this course. After several hours, we had a list of possible reasons — I hope this helps you further. The reasons we came up with are…

Will this course give me the results I want?

This course will show you, step-by-step, how to set up and maintain a brochure-style website — a type of website that’s perfect for businesses that don’t need to handle payment transactions, customer bookings, digital downloads, or full e-commerce capabilities. But, it lays the foundation for you to be able to handle these more involved online business processes in the future. For a complete breakdown of everything that’s included in the course, take a look at the complete course outline.

How long is will it take to complete the course?

The total length of the course is 7 hours, 47 minutes. So, you can easily get through it in about a work day. And, because your enrollment gives you unlimited lifetime access, you can watch and re-watch your course as often as you’d like!

Really? Another online course?

You might be thinking, “That’s the last thing the internet needs — another online course”

My response would be, “Actually the internet needs MORE online courses!”

Why? Well even though it seems everyone and their brother is publishing courses these days, the vast majority of them are pretty terrible. No really…many are absolutely awful. I mean, I’ve been to mortician conventions that had more life in them!

How do I know? I take online courses all the time…and suffer my way through most of them. If you’ve taken any courses online yourself, you know exactly what I mean.

Why are so many courses this terrible? Because they’re run by people who have the information in their heads…but who can’t TEACH to save their lives.

Teaching — the ability to break down information, sequence it into a logical order, and communicate it clearly and simply — is a very unique skill. Pretty rare, too. I’ve had some amazing teachers over the years, and I’m sure you have too. I’ve been working at it for almost twenty years, and I’m still improving. Why do I keep at it? Because I LOVE teaching!

So while online courses might be “trendy” right now, I’ve been teaching and producing courses for much, much longer — over ten years, in fact. And ten years prior to that, I taught web, graphics, and business classes professionally (mostly corporate, some government, some consulting). As an “online course producer,” I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of video learning, helping thousands and thousands of people all over the world. To me, that’s the greatest thing ever!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, whether my medium of choice (online video courses) was trendy or not, I’d still be doing it. I really don’t care what’s trendy and what isn’t. I was makin’ online courses for ten years prior to the trend, and I’ll be doing it for years and years — decades! — after the “bandwagon jumpers” have gone bust and moved on. I ain’t goin’ anywhere!

And so why do I say that the internet needs more online courses?

Cuz the world needs more teachers. Really great ones who can intrigue and inspire, encourage and effectively communicate.

So yeah — another online course. And it’s a really good one!

“Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff’s insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable.”


Choose The Option That Best Fits Your Needs

Your new course, Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself, has been meticulously designed it so that it fits any kind of business website you want to run.

That’s why it’s structured into three parts, or tiers. You can pick exactly what you’d like to learn depending on your needs.

Part 1: Business Web Design Foundations: Start at the beginning and get your website set up right. Learn about working with WordPress and how to use one of the best design themes for business websites. Then, see how to thoroughly customize your site to fit your exact needs. Get hands-on by visually building your page layouts (no code needed!), then extend your site with contact forms, maps, and image galleries, and more! Finally, learn how to lock your site down to keep everything safe and secure. Wanna know more? Take a look at the full course outline!

Part 2: Further Into Online Business: Build on what you’ve learned in Part 1 by adding the ability to accept payments on your website. Start selling individual products, services, and digital downloads (ebooks, videos, etc) directly online. And, see how to take booking appointments for your consulting or time-based business. Then, discover ways to promote your business through social media, email, and frequent content publishing. This part’s coming soon, but find out more in the draft outline!

Part 3: Complete E-Commerce: Take your online business even further by building a fully functional e-commerce website. Sell hundreds, even thousands of products, all neatly organized into categories, in your own online store. Choose how to handle shipping, taxes, and fulfillment for your customers. Learn how to set up much more detailed payment processors like, Stripe, and others. If you want to run a full retail website, then I know you’re gonna love this part of the course! This part’s coming soon, but learn more in the draft outline!

Below, choose the option that best fits you and your business needs.

Part 1: Business Web Design Foundations

A perfect starting point!

Just right if you’re new to web design, or want to upgrade your skills with the latest tools and methods.

A great fit for business owners who want a web presence for their service-based or local business.

  • Get yourself set up right!
  • Learn modern web tools!
  • Learn to customize and troubleshoot!

See the full course outline




Part 2: Further Into Online Business

Run an online business!

This option is perfect for businesses who sell time (consulting, timeshares, etc) and for “side hustle” businesses.

Sell digital downloads (ebooks, videos, etc) and individual products. And, begin promoting your business online!

  • Accept payments online!
  • Sell physical and digital products!
  • Begin marketing your business online!

See draft course outline

Coming soon!



Part 3: Complete E-Commerce

Build a full retail website!

Have hundreds (or thousands) of products? Want to run a full e-commerce website? Then this option’s for you!

Take your online business even further by building a fully functional e-commerce website!

  • Build an e-commerce business!
  • Include hundreds of products!
  • Sell and ship your products around the globe!

See draft course outline

Coming soon!



“Geoff’s expert teaching has guided me through the journey of learning web design. I started out as a complete beginner, but with Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years, which I could not have done otherwise (in fact, his training was to a much higher standard than my school’s). Now after learning so much with Geoff, I’ve gained a full time job as a web designer. Geoff helped get me that break, which I’m sure without his help simply wouldn’t have happened.”


“Finally, training that delivers! I have taken courses from numerous vendors, but absolutely none of them begin to compare with this course. I’ve taken a ton of courses from and frankly came away with more theory than practical application. But not with this course, you will get your hands dirty with code, you will be challenged to think through issues on your own but in the end you will have taken a giant step forward in learning to build a WordPress theme from scratch! Geoff is an outstanding instructor, I think I laughed almost as much as I learned. If you’re serious about improving your skills with WordPress then sign up for this course, lock yourself in your office and get to work. I promise it will be worth it! By the way I’ve been so impressed with Geoff as an instructor that this is the third course I’ve taken from him and will soon be starting on my fourth!”


“I like the easy going, friendly style of these courses. Keeps my attention and I can listen to your voice for hours without drifting! I tried a couple of Lynda courses previously, but found I lost interest quickly. Much better courses on Ten Ton Online!”


“I love Geoff’s training courses. It’s like he’s sitting right beside me, taking me through everything step-by-step!”


“I can’t tell you how many times I sat there and said “Oh, that’s how you do that!” throughout this course. Most importantly, Geoff explains the “why” along with the “how,” so I didn’t feel like I was left in the dark. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get the most out of Photoshop with web design. The word “helpful” doesn’t even begin to describe Geoff!”


“From the web layout’s header, down to the footer, Geoff literally walks us through each section of the design, including graphics, code and so much more. Plus, after learning all his helpful Photoshop hints, tips and tricks, all I can say is that I wish I found this course sooner!”


“Champagne videos! After trawling the web looking for many answers, your videos have answered them all and more! Thanks heaps for this knowledge as it’s saved so much time. They’re simply the best tutorials on the matter. Cheers!”


“A big thank you for your amazing, easy to understand videos. I love your easy going style, it makes them so much easier to follow and have a good laugh as well. You have the uncanny knack of getting inside our heads and knowing what we find confusing. Amazing! Many thanks!”


“Awesome. I LOVE how easy it was to follow you. The way you took time to explain every single action made this a great tutorial. Many, many thanks!”


“Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand — all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success.”


“Never have I come across such a thorough method of teaching. Your courses have helped me tremendously! Thank you!”


“I seriously feel like how Neo felt when he just learned kung fu going through these videos, it cleared up a lot thank you!”


“I just had to write to say how thrilled I was with this course. I don’t enjoy learning new technical stuff or having to study. This course made it all SO easy. It was so much fun I can’t believe how quickly I went through them all because I didn’t want to stop learning! Highly recommended!”


“Awesome. I LOVE how easy it was to follow you. The way you took time to explain every single action made this a great course. Many thanks!”


“This course was great. Geoff’s concise, easy way of teaching is fantastic. Everything is so easy to understand and makes so much sense. I’ve used other online schools but was totally lost until I found Ten Ton. It is a real pleasure to learn from these videos.”


“Man, that was the BEST video course ever! Thanks Geoff, that makes so much sense to me, and is easy to follow!”


“AAAAAhahaha, what great work! I really enjoy the enthusiasm and clarity in your delivery! I’ve been freelance web designing for a few years and it’s sites like yours that really helped me to evolve into a better designer. Now I can build e-commerce sites for clients too! Many thanks for your hard work and I wish you the best in the future!”


“I must say, your courses have been a life saver! I wasn’t new to building websites but I was new to WordPress. Your courses have open new avenues for me. There are still a few things that I want to know more about and I see that you offer those courses too. So, I’ll be back to purchase another course, for sure!”


“Just when I thought that this was going to be a tough subject to learn, Geoff totally flipped the switch on me. He made this SO easy. It was like he literally took me by the hand and told me exactly what I had to do, and exactly HOW to do it! Plus, he made the whole process fun and easy. I also couldn’t believe that he packed so much information in one little place! And I think the best thing about this, was that I could always stop the video, go back if I needed to fully understand something, and continue on at my own pace. Thanks Geoff. I’ll definitely be back for more!”

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