Persuasion In Marketing Communication – Use for Good NOT Evil!

We're all in the persuasion game, whether we realize it or not. Whether we're aware and conscious of it or not, we're sending signals to other people and influencing their behaviour and their response to us.

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Some people disingenuously try to send persuasion signals that they're smarter than you or better than you...but not only is this what I call "bad persuasion" because they don't make you feel very's also so often obviously fake and contrived that it makes them look ridiculous.

In their simplest definitions, good persuasion is positive and bad persuasion is negative. Good persuasion makes people feel good, while bad persuasion makes people feel negative.

Now it's important to note that with just a little bit of understanding and knowledge about how the human brain works, immediately questions about ethics arise. To me, it's kinda like a superhero...

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...will they use their powers for good or evil? Will you use your powers of persuasion and knowledge of psychology to serve or be selfish? Here, we have to be very careful.

What we do as business owners is, we serve our audience and help them solve their problems at a profit. Most importantly, their needs come first, not ours.

I'd say that manipulation is the dark side of persuasion...kinda like The Force in Star Wars, there's a good side and a bad side. Both use the same tools, but for different purposes.

As business owners, if we wish to succeed long term (which I very much hope is your goal), it's all about being genuine and generous and working hard to develop fixes and solutions to the difficult problems that our target audience struggles with.

Being honest and genuine is the ultimate form of positive persuasion because it's so rare in this world...and it's exactly what your customers are looking for.

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