Out Of The Comfort Zone – Plot A Course To Freedom!

Comfort zone is a funny thing. Most often, we want to stay where things are comfortable, familiar, warm and fuzzy, and safe. In fact, we're naturally inclined to seek comfort, security, and safety. You could say we're programmed for it.

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Yet if any progress is to be made, if we;re ever going to get the things we want in life, in business, in our relationships, and in other areas of our life, then that requires stretching...going beyond what's safe and comfortable.

Anything that's worth having resides beyond our comfort zone. Yes, it's sometimes scary. It's definitely uncomfortable...and very often, for a long, long time, we aren't very good at whatever it is we're pursuing.

That's why I think it's important to be realistic and have reasonable expectations when we're starting out. We have to be okay at sucking for a little while. We have to be okay with the embarrassment of looking awkward and not knowing what we're doing for the first while.

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I think it's important that we be fair with ourselves...we've never done this before, so how can we expect to blast home runs right out of the gate?

The reality is, we're gonna stink at this thing at first. Think of it as a barrier to entry. Only those with the tenacity and willingness to go through the frustration, awkwardness, and even public embarrassment get to pass.

Think of a kid learning to ride a bike. Have you ever taught a kid to ride a bike? Picked them up when they fell, encouraged them to keep going? Kids learning to ride a bike for the first time are awkward, uncoordinated, and quite frankly, terrible at bike riding.

Yet kids lack something that adults have -- an ego. Kids don't care how silly or stupid they look. They aren't protecting a self-image or anything like that.

Instead, they set their sights on something -- to ride a bike or whatever -- and they keep going after it until they can do it. They want to learn to ride a bike MORE than they want to avoid embarrassment and failure.

Think about that -- they want to gain that skill, reach that objective, have that thing MORE than they want to avoid failing or embarrassment or shame or whatever.

Pushing yourself to do something that’s beyond your capabilities, something that’s a real stretch (whether that’s building a website that’s beyond your current abilities, or making great looking video, or whatever) is a painful, frustrating, and stressful experience.

BUT what happens is, once you’ve gone through the pain of stretching yourself hard and accomplishing it, your "realm of do-ability" -- your comfort zone -- expands to now encompass that once impossible thing.

You now know how to do it. It now becomes something that’s possible, even ordinary, that you can do again and again.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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