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The knowledge and skill that you gain in the world of marketing and selling is very powerful stuff. And I kinda think of it like The Force -- it can be used for good or for evil and selfishness.

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What you learn about psychology, persuasion, influence, and selling can be used to create deception and confusion...or it can be used to magnetically attract the exact sorts of people that you want to serve, help, and work with in your online business.

This is heavy stuff! And it comes with a burden of responsibility. As online business owners, we MUST be honest and ethical...because as we've seen, there are plenty of examples of personalities, politicians, celebrities, and businesses who once had people's trust.

But then a scandal hit, or some dirt was brought to light...something happened that shattered that trust. And once trust is broken, it can never be rebuilt. And when someone chooses to buy your product or service, that's a very intimate act of trust.

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They're trusting that you're going to deliver on what your marketing, your messaging, and your communication has promised. And further, what people truly want (in addition to solutions to their biggest pains and problems that ACTUALLY work) is genuineness.

We've all seen enough fakes and phonies, right? And so this means no over-hyping things. No hiding things in the fine print. No spam, and no garbage customer service, either.

The things you learn about sales and marketing are certainly powerful...and if we use them to help and serve our target audience over a prolonged period of business owners we'll get everything we need to reach our objectives, too.

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