Myths And Realities Of Entrepreneurship – BIGGEST Myths Revealed!

Business myths! -- there's a lot of 'em out there...and a lotta people believe 'em. And of course, whatever we believe to be true determines our perspective on things, our decisions, and our actions. Here's a juicy one...

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Hard Work Is The Key To Success. Hard work and a strong work ethic are certainly prerequisites for doing well in life...but it isn't the sole ingredient. If it were, brick layers, waitresses, and single parents the world over would all be multi-millionaires, right?!

So instead, think of it more like a recipe that has various ingredients...with hard work being just one of them. There's also skill, unique knowledge, the right perspective...and about a dozen others!

But here's a secret: I said a moment ago that hard work was a prerequisite, and it is. It comes first. A strong work ethic will drive you to find and refine the other missing ingredients.

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Said another way, you can have all the talent and skill in the world...but without a strong work ethic, it won't make a bit of difference. This is why talent, skill, natural ability, and even what you know is totally overrated. It's the combination of these things that make all the difference.

Here's another juicy business myth: The Customer Is Always Right. Really? Like, all the time? Yes we want to support and provide for our audience and our customers...but there is a limit. But perhaps first what we need to do is define the word "customer."

A customer is someone who's purchased from you. And someone who's bought from you has extended their trust to you when they gave you their money. They chose you and believed the promises you made. So in many ways, you owe them gratitude. I treat these people like close associates or even friends.

Everyone else is either a potential customer (a lead, or a prospect) or they're a non-interested party -- someone who has no interest in what we're doing at all. And really, it's these last two groups that we have to be careful with.

Someone who hasn't bought from you yet but who's expressing interest might need to do some tire kicking and maybe ask you some hard questions first before they feel comfortable doing business with you. And that's totally okay -- you and I are sometimes the same way too, right?

But someone who's really pushing things...who's making all sorts of demands and unreasonable requests? That's a problem. And in fact, it's a function of your marketing to deter these sorts of people way from your business.

See, you can't serve everyone, right? You can't make everyone happy...that's a sure way to ruin both in your personal life and in your business. So your marketing efforts have to attract the sorts of people you WANT to work with...while simultaneously repelling or dissuading everyone else.

And what about the last group of people -- those who are totally disinterested in your work, your business, and what you do? Well, they don't get a say, do they? They aren't in your target market, they're never going to buy from whatever they say about you is irrelevant.

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