MUST Do This Before Starting Your Business – Pivotal Step Most Skip

Learn, as best you can, what makes your audience tick. And even though it's highly likely that you're already a part of the target audience your online business will serve, and you already know a lot about them, you need to dig even deeper.

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You want to discover their pains and challenges, their frustrations, their dreams and ambitions, and more. How do you do this? How do we find out what your target audience's challenges and pains are? It' simple...but certainly not easy:

Market research. That is, digging, searching, and discovering what your audience is all about. And here, I don't mean running low-effort surveys or taking a cursory view of your audience. Instead, what I mean is, paying very close attention to and observing your target market directly.

I cannot over-emphasize how crucial this kind of direct, hands-on market research is. It really is the foundation for your entire online business and everything you do from here on out. It's the crux of the whole sha-bang.

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Thorough, killer, in-depth research determines almost everything you'll do for your customers -- what products and services you'll offer, how you'll structure your messaging, how you'll attract people to your offers, and much, much more.

But you know what? Most often, market research is totally overlooked. Newbie business owners typically put all their focus and effort on some "magical big idea" they've dreamed up. They focus entirely on their "amazing" product or service idea, and on developing it to absolute, market-ready perfection.

Researching and learning about their customers doesn't even occur to most businesses. And if it ever does, it's usually too late. Even successful, established businesses make the mistake of ignoring their audience and what they really, truly want.

But you know what? You can't build a successful business on hunches, your own opinions, or what you THINK would be a "million dollar business idea." To be direct, as online business owners, our opinions about what we THINK would make a great product or service is irrelevant...

...because we won't be the ones who'll be asked to buy them. Said another way, the market gets to decide, not us. We're in a service role -- the role of server, not in the roll of a dictator.

To do this, to really, truly serve your audience, you need to gain a clear, solid understanding of them and their needs. Solid research about your audience can easily hold up the framework of your entire online business. Bad quality research can't support even your best efforts, no matter how hard you work.

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