Most Common Marketing Mistake (Nearly ALL Businesses Do THIS)

A regular, traditional approach to marketing divides the group of people the business serves -- the business's target market...or the market that the business functions with in -- into two distinct groups of people: "Prospects" and "Customers."

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So that is, people who are aware of the business and the products and services they offer, and customers -- people who've gone ahead and purchased. Now interestingly, nearly all businesses put their attention and focus on acquiring new customers.

So that is, all the emphasis is put on prospects. Meanwhile existing customers aren't given a whole lot of attention. In fact, very often they're ignored! Now that I've laid it out here for you, maybe you can start to see how backwards and how ridiculous this is!

See because here's the thing: Your customers are a group of people who already know who you are. They're already happy and satisfied with your products and services, right? -- and that's because your products and services are totally awesome, right?

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They've already taken a leap of faith and bought from you...and have discovered that no, they didn't make a mistake in buying from you, but instead are totally happy.

So why would you ignore these people and start the process all over again, completely cold with people who don't know you at all, who don't trust you, and who don't understand the value of what you're offering them?

Don't get me wrong, continually attracting new people to your online business is vital...but don't ignore the people who want more from you. You know where I see this A LOT? The auto industry.

For 4 years, I leased a Nissan Frontier. For 4 years, I was a happy, loyal customer...yet I never heard from them. What cool adventures were other Frontier drivers going on? What sorts of things was this vehicle capable of? What add-ons or extras were available? What new Nissan models were coming out?

For 4 years I heard NOTHING from Nissan. No special offers, no promotions, no discounts. Huh...seems they were only interested in the initial are nearly ALL businesses.

And what a missed opportunity. Listen, if you simply tend to the needs of people who already like you, trust you, who love what you do...then you won't have to work nearly as hard in your business and you'll have a whole lot of fun, fulfilling work helping people you enjoy serving.

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