Meet Customer Needs – 3 Things Needed Before They Buy

Before anyone can buy from you, they need three critical things from you. If no one's buying from you, it's very likely because you've missed one of these three things:

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First, and absolutely most critically, you MUST offer your target audience products and services that ACTUALLY help them in some way. See, the sorts of people that you want to work with and serve in your online business -- your ideal customers -- have all sorts of problems, challenges, issues, and pains.

And if you've done your homework right...if you've conducted thorough, in-depth research into the needs and problems of your target audience...then you know exactly how you can help and serve them.

If no one's buying, it's very likely that it's because you're trying to offer your potential customers a solution to a problem that they don't have!

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The second thing potential customers need from you is pretty obvious: They have to KNOW that your helpful solutions to their difficult challenges exist! If they don't know that your products or services exist, then of course they can't buy them.

And this is really where marketing, audience growth, and attracting your target market all comes in. Online, we have many incredible options for doing exactly this...options and methods that can do the work of an entire army of salespeople and marketing departments couldn't do on their own!

The third thing your potential customers need before they can buy from you is...and this is a biggie...TRUST. They have to trust that the promises and results that your products and services are making will actually be fulfilled.

See, it's important to see things from your customer's perspective. This is called "having empathy for your customer!" For them, buying entails risk. They're parting with their money...something that's just as important to them as it is to you. So establishing and maintaining TRUST is one of your most important jobs.

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