Levels Of Customer Awareness – 3 Stages Of Your Customers

There are three potential states, or "levels" if you like, that your audience members and potential customers might be at. These states or levels are important to know so that you can tune your messaging to where your audience and potential customers are.

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At first, and at the broadest level, your audience member is aware that they have a problem, challenge, frustration, or are facing some kind of complex challenge...but that's as far as it goes.

At this stage, they're in a state of discomfort, pain, frustration, or overwhelm...but haven't actively done anything about it yet. They know their feet hurt after they run...or they know they aren't making the kind of money in their online business that they want...or whatever, right?

At the next level, your audience member knows they have a problem, they're aware of the problem, and now they're actively searching for a solution. So in other words, their problem has reached a "boiling over" point.

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They can't take it anymore and are now actively seeking out answers and fixes for their big, complex problem. For example, they begin researching insoles for their shoes...or new shoes altogether. Or maybe they begin trying to learn more about sales and marketing for their online business.

So whatever problem they're facing, they've now acknowledged that they HAVE to do something about it. They've got to find a solution that will work for them.

The final stage is where your audience member or potential customer knows they have a problem, are actively seeking a solution that will give them the outcome that they want, AND they've discovered your product or service as a viable solution for them.

This is why it's so important to communicate value, trust, benefits, and credibility to your audience. Because once they've found you, what they've really done is narrowed down their search for a solution -- they've found your orthopaedic inserts.

They've found your marketing course or marketing book or whatever. The problem us online business owners have is 1) We don't know how many other options our offer is being compared against, and 2) We can't control WHEN a potential customer will decide to buy from us.

Those things are out of our control. So instead, all we can do is put our best foot forward and communicate as best we can the benefits the potential customer will get as a result of working with us and buying from us, communicating value, credibility, and working hard to establish trust.

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