Know If Your Business Idea Is Good – Are Your Ideas Sticky Or Shoddy?

Here's the tell-tale sign of a bad business or product idea: It's a test that only has a single step...A single question...

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To tell if you have a good, sticky, persuasive idea or not, ask yourself: "Do I need to use force in order to get other people on board with this idea?"

In other words, in order to get people enthusiastic about your product or service, do you need to be pushy or even aggressive?

Do you have to shout at people, bludgeon them with ads, hammer their inbox with spam, keep bugging them over and over to try and get them interested? What bad persuaders and the worst salespeople don't understand is, you can't control people's behaviour. That's impossible.

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You can coax them, you can appeal to their self-interest, you can be persuasive, but you can't out-and-out control people or demand anything from them. That's bad persuasion.

It's impossible to demand and control people because everyone's acting out of their own self-interest. Appealing to self-interest is what the best persuaders, business owners, and salespeople do...

...they first figure out what their customers REALLY want. Then they develop a product or service that will provide this to their customers. You won't persuade anyone to your product or service (or your point of view) by shouting at them, by pestering them, or by nagging at them with annoying ads.

All that does to the person you're trying so desperately to get something from is irritates and annoys them. They shut them down. And they begin resenting you. Don't you shut down when a pushy salesman crosses the line and pushes you too hard? You stop talking.

You stop trying to state your position, because it's going nowhere. You go inside your own head. And the more you're pushed, the deeper your heels sink.

I remember one time when, of all places, I was pumping gas. A guy with a clipboard walked up to me...I don't even remember what he was trying to sell me.

But I remember how he made me feel. Initially I politely said, "No thanks man, I'm not interested." But he kept pushing. And the more he pushed, the firmer my "no thanks" got.

Finally after getting really pushy I said, "Bad persuasion! Listen, the more you keep pushing me, the firmer I get. I'm not buying anything from you today." With that, he turned and left.

Bad, pushy salespeople -- whether they're selling a service, political cause, a used car, or an insurance policy -- don't get this...

...they don't get that the more they push, the more defiant their prospect becomes. They're getting the opposite result that they're after -- bad persuasion!

So in business -- specifically your online business -- if you have to FORCE people to get on board with your idea...if you have to use pushy, slimy sales tactics and annoying advertising...

...then you may want to re-think your approach. Cuz with this approach, hardly anyone will buy.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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