Just Win Once! A Key Insight To Success

Imagine you're in a contest where you have to bat against a major-league baseball pitcher. All you have to do is hit the ball once, and you win $70k/yr for the rest of your life.

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You can have as many tries as you want. You can swing for 8-hours straight if you want. You can leave and take pro batting lessons for a few months and then come back if you want.

Whatever you want to do...however long you want to take...all you have to do is hit the ball once. You could slice it off into foul territory, chop a grounder into the in-field, or crank a fly ball over the wall...doesn't matter.

All you have to do is hit the ball just once and you win.

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So, How many tries to you take? Certainly not just one. Ten? Fifty? A hundred? You've seen the pros hit a fastball, so you know it's humanly possible...but how long would you keep swinging and missing before you gave up and quit in frustration?

Marc Cuban tells us that in business, we only have to be right once. We only have to get it right once. That said, what he doesn't tell us (or maybe he did...I can't remember!) is that it may take 100 tries, 500 tries...or more.

But don't forget, you only have to get it right once. You only have to connect with the fastball once and you win.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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