Is WordPress Easy To Learn? Get To Grips With This Powerful Web Platform!

Well, is WordPress easy to learn? You betcha! But if you don't understand how WordPress works...or the two different versions that WordPress comes in, it may seem confusing and difficult.

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So first up, it's important to understand that WordPress comes in two flavours: and If you aren't sure on the differences between these two, here's the gist: is the "hosted" version of WordPress. This means that your website is tied to the web service.

This is similar to how other web services like Wix, SquareSpace and others work. Here, you're limited by the functionality of the web service and often it's very difficult...if not move your website to another hosting service.

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On the other hand, is the "self-hosted" version of WordPress. Here, you can sign up for web hosting from any number of hosting providers, install WordPress there, and pretty much do whatever you want with it.

It's this second version of WordPress -- the "self-hosted" version that I strongly recommend you use. And by the way, they call it the "" version because you can go to and download the latest version of WordPress for free.

However nearly all web hosting companies have WordPress auto-installers that are much easier to use.

Next up, how hard is WordPress to actually use? And further, how does it actually function? Well, most traditional web design tools work in a similar way to a word processor. They let you open, edit, and save files.

But WordPress doesn't work like this at all. Instead, WordPress is what's called a Content Management Platform (CMS).

This means that your website will have a publically-facing "front end" and a private admin "back end" where you'll make all your changes and edits, create pages and posts, and so on.

And while this might sound a bit confusing at first, really, WordPress doesn't have a steep learning curve...especially if you won't be going very far down the "web design rabbit hole."

And the good news is, as far as actually creating pages and posts, here it does indeed function in a similar way to a traditional word processor.

What I mean is, it's simply a matter of getting a handle on how to use WordPress's point-and-click interface. And these WordPress fundamentals won't take you long to learn either.

And as you delve deeper and deeper into WordPress, you'll find that it grows and expands along with you, allowing you to learn as much about WordPress as you'd like.

So if you want to just stick with the basics, you can do that. Or, if you want to dig into more intermediate and advanced can do that too!

But most importantly, it's crucial to nail down the basics of WordPress early on and get comfortable with how it works.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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