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One of the best things WordPress has going for it is that it's easy to learn. WordPress itself isn't hard to get started with. In fact, you can learn the fundamentals pretty quickly. This is one of the reasons why WordPress has gained such huge popularity.

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Before WordPress came along, building websites was pretty technical and frustrating. Only designers and developers with a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and compliance standards could build websites well.

And even though we had web design applications like Dreamweaver well before WordPress came along, they functioned more like word processors. You'd chose File > New, and then have to build your web pages from scratch, every single time.

But WordPress has largely eliminated these technical barriers. Anyone with any skill level -- even just general computer skills -- can use WordPress to build and run their website.

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And because WordPress is a CMS, you don't start from scratch with a blank page. Instead, you start with a fully designed website that's ready for your content and customizations. This makes getting your website online a breeze.

And here's what's great: As a beginner in web design, you can keep things simple and stick with the basics of WordPress. Use it's point-and-click interface to run your website and add new content as you need.

Maybe that's all you want to know about WordPress -- and that's just fine! Or if you want to, you can delve deeper and deeper into WordPress. Maybe you decide to learn about custom theme design.

Or maybe you get up to speed on HTML and CSS to go along with your WordPress skills -- who knows! Point is, you can go as far with this stuff as you want.

In fact, in many ways, WordPress can serve as a gateway into the larger world of web design and running online projects. And as you continue to dig into WordPress and web design, they expand and grow right along with you, taking you as far as you want to go.

If there is an area of WordPress that's hard to learn for beginners, that would be WordPress themes and plugins. These can be difficult to learn because these are pretty unregulated. This makes it a bit of a Wild West out there.

As powerful as themes and plugins are, sometimes documentation can be unclear or even non-existent. Install a new plugin, for instance, and you might find yourself fiddling around for a while as you figure out how it works.

So there can be some trial and error, and sometimes this can get frustrating. But isn't a reflection on WordPress. It's poor documentation on the plugin or theme developer's part. By itself, WordPress is very easy to use.

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