Is Web Design Hard To Learn? Uncover Wha’cha Need To Know!

The alternative to the high cost of having a website built for your online business is to learn how to build your website yourself. If you've never built a website before, and if you're feeling a little intimidated, don't!

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Building a website for your business isn't nearly as technical or difficult as you might think. Modern web design tools are very easy and straightforward to work with. You don't even need to learn background code like HTML and CSS if you don't want to.

To help get you started, the tools I recommend you learn to use at a minimum are WordPress and Elementor. Both will take maybe a weekend or so to start feeling comfortable with. So, you can get yourself up to speed with the basics pretty quickly.

What's great about building and running your website yourself, in addition to saving the huge upfront costs, is that you'll be in complete control of your website and your online business. You will own and control everything.

Learn how to build your small business website!

You won't be reliant on someone else to keep your business running. Instead, you'll be able to make adjustments and changes anytime you like, rather than being on someone else's schedule.

In fact, way, way back, this is why I initially learned web design -- I didn't want to be a web designer...I wanted to be an autonomous and self-reliant business owner.

I wanted to be able to build and run my own online businesses, know how they functioned, and be able to make changes and fixes whenever I wanted. I didn't want to be beholden to someone else.

So if you learn the basics for yourself, you'll be completely self sufficient and you'll be able to manage and update your website and make changes anytime you want.

You won't be nickelled and dimed for every small change that you want to make, or have to wait around in frustration until your freelance designer gets around to your changes.

And it's important to note too that you don't have to master everything there is to know about web design. Even just knowing the basics will take you a long, long way.

And anytime you need something more complex done, or maybe you just don't have time, that's when you can hire a designer or developer temporarily.

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