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Remember, Google's #1 priority is to serve it's users -- that is, people who are searching for things online -- with the best possible results. So when you type a search phrase into Google that's related to your online business, your market, and similar products and services that you offer...what comes up?

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How RELEVANT are the results that Google displays? Not too long ago, I used the search query example "Is it hard to learn HTML?" A few years back when I was doing some research, I'd typed this into Google to see what would come up. And you know what?

The #1 search result was an article not about HTML or how difficult it might be, but instead, it was an article about JavaScript. The best possible search result that Google could find on the whole wide web for this specific search query was an article about JavaScript.

I was shocked -- as I often am when I find results like this. What this means is, nobody in the whole wide world...out of the 4.8-odd billion internet users...for the past twenty-odd years that we've all been online...nobody's thought to write an article answering this question.

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Staggering, right? So for fun, I wrote TWO articles to address this question. And guess what? In a short period of time, one of my articles ranked #1 and the other ranked #2. So how can we put this to use for you and your online business?

Well remember, anytime you type a search query into Google, you'll be given the best possible results that Google can find on the entire internet. And if the results Google's providing don't address or really answer the query well...then what you have my friend is a big time opportunity.

What this means is, the competition for this keyword phrase or search query is non-existent. You could EASILY rank your website here by simply writing an article that properly answers and addresses the search query. EASY!

So as you're digging around in Google, see if the search results are answering and matching the search query well or not. If they aren't, then if you write a great article and structure it properly with subheadings, images, and other content -- which isn't hard to do -- you can EASILY rank.

Now truth be told, there are no guarantees. You can't know absolutely if you will rank well or not. But one thing IS certain: If you DON'T write a better article, then you're of course guaranteed to NOT rank at all!

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