Is Online Advertising Effective? Is The Gold Rush Over?

I know online ads -- specifically Google Ads and Facebook Ads -- work. At least I think they do. That's what I keep hearing. I haven't done paid advertising for a long, long time. And I'm skeptical about it. It isn't a long-term play. here's my reasoning...

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1) First, name the last 3 online ads you saw. What were they advertising? How about the last two billboards you saw...what were they for? Can you tell me the last 3 car commercials you saw? Name the make and model.

Alternatively, what were the last 3 YouTube videos you watched or blog posts you read? Those are much, much easier to remember. Hopefully they were educational and offered you some value.

So on the one hand, we can't remember the ads we see or the products they're for...but on the other hand we can remember the videos and articles we consume. There's a lesson there about how we can become memorable, valuable, and sought after by our audience.

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And this brings me to my second beef with advertising: 2) It means you have to be pushy, that you have to use a degree of force to get your ideas out.

And as I've said elsewhere, the tell-tale sign of a bad idea is if you need to use force to get others to go along with it. 3) My third and final beef with online advertising is that it works like a tap or a spigot.

You turn it on, and traffic flows in. But as soon as you stop paying, the spigot turns off and the traffic goes away. Is that any way to build a loyal audience made up of the kinds of people you seek to serve? maybe.

Maybe it's worth it in the short term to rapidly build an audience...but building things more slowly, more organically just seems to fit better with me. I'd rather you find me and consume my content because you genuinely want to...not because I paid in order to convince you to show up.

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