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Not too long ago, I was talking to a few of my students about attracting traffic, and getting their website to show up in Google. It was really great, but a lot of people are confused by this stuff and unsure how they can start getting more traffic to their website.

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After all, all this SEO stuff can seem mystical or even frustrating, can't it? If you're watching this video, then that means you're at least somewhat interested in how to get your website to show up in Google and how to get more traffic.

See because no matter what you might think about this stuff -- that it's too difficult and too technical to learn, that it seems like some kind of mysterious dark art, or that it isn't worthwhile to learn about -- I totally get it.

Listen, let me tell you...Believe it or not, but I was once sitting right where you are. I was frustrated and confused for a long long time about how to rank and get traffic. After all, I'd worked hard on my website, getting it looking and functioning exactly as I wanted it.

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And I'd worked incredibly hard on the products and services I was offering. But hardly anyone was showing up to see what I'd worked so hard on. That's no way to run a website and definitely no way to run an online business.

After all, you could have the best products in the world...but if no one knows about them, then you're sunk. And so, even though I'd worked incredibly hard on building my website and creating my products, I was missing a critical component: Traffic.

I was stuck. Now, I don't know if you know this or not, but everything we're talking about here is all about something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And if you aren't clear, SEO is the intentional effort to get your website to appear in search engines like Google.

And in fact, I'd known about SEO for years and years. But for the longest time, I thought that SEO was either 1) Totally dead...after all, wasn't it all totally over-run and oversaturated and not worth learning? Or 2) I thought SEO was a complete scam.

I'd heard all the stories about "SEO consultants" and "SEO gurus" making big promises and taking unsuspecting website owners for hundreds, even thousands of dollars at a time and not delivering any practical, tangible results.

The whole SEO industry seemed shady and mysterious and even downright fraudulent. But at the same time, I saw websites ranking incredibly well. Was it all just a bunch of voodoo hocus pocus nonsense? Or was something else going on? Have you had a similar thoughts?

Well, I have to admit, I royally messed up. My misunderstandings about SEO were a HUGE mistake on my part. In fact, I'd rank my misunderstanding about SEO in my Top 5 Worst Mistakes of all time that I've ever made in my career and in my business.

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