Is It Important To Make Sure My Website Works On Mobile? Crucial For SEO!

This might not sound all that important to your search ranking strategies, but making sure your website functions well on smartphones and tablets actually plays a big role in how well your website and your content ranks. In dorky web design terms, this is called responsive design, or mobile design.

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How does making sure your website works well on mobile devices relate to SEO? Well, back in 2015 Google updated it's search algorithm to prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. Why did Google do this?

Well, prior to responsive design, websites often had two or three different versions of their site to work on different kinds of devices. I remember those was a freakin' headache! This of course created tons of duplicate content...and duplicate content created a big problem for Google and other search engines.

Firstly, duplicate content meant more pages that bots had to crawl through and index, creating a huge strain on resources. Second, how can the search engine tell what content is legitimate and what's fraudulent?

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After all, couldn't website owners just create four or five duplicates of the same content in an effort to get higher rankings? So Google solved these problems by changing it's algorithm to prefer mobile-friendly websites.

That solved Google's resource and duplicate content problem, and made mobile or responsive design a key ingredient in successful SEO. So in short, if your website doesn't adjust and respond to different screen sizes and devices, Google will penalize you by ranking you lower than websites that are mobile-friendly.

So, as you begin building your website design and layout, you'll want to make sure it functions well on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. And note too that this isn't just about SEO. It's also about your visitor's experience, too.

I don't need to tell you that more and more people are spending their lives on their phones, surfing the web, searching for content, and shopping online. So, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly serves your audience, too.

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