Importance Of Subject Lines In Email – Make ‘Em MAGNETIC!

Don't forget the critical importance of the subject line in your email marketing. Really, your subject line is what people see when your email lands in their inbox. So your subject lines have to entice, invoke curiosity, maybe provoke a little bit, and get your subscribers to click and open your email.

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In fact, that's the sole purpose of your email subject line -- it's job is to get your subscribers to open your emails. So from one point of view, your subject lines act just like a headline does for an article, blog post, video, or ad.

It has to grab people's attention, maybe make a promise or tease them a little with some curiosity. No matter how you do it, your subject line acts like a hook that grabs your subscriber's attention. Your subject line largely determines if your subscriber will bother reading your email or not.

Lately, I've been experimenting with very short subject lines, just to see if it makes a difference in my open rates. So I'm trying out subject lines like, "Top Secret," "Bad idea," and "Dusty Myths"

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Alternatively, you might want to try longer subject lines to see if there's a difference in the results you get. Maybe something like, "I Tested 3 Hosting Services. Here's What I Found" or "5 Simple Steps To Faster [result]" or "Get [result] In Just 7 Days Or Less"

Ultimately, you'll have to experiment and see for yourself...because every market, sub-market, and special interest group responds differently. Keep an eye on those open rates as you do this, and then you can tailor your future campaigns for best results.

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