Importance Of Personality In Marketing – Creating Magnetic Connections!

An unbelievably persuasive character trait is anything positive. People want to feel good. They want hope that they aren't alone and that there are fixes to their pressing and painful problems. They want a guide to show them how. And they want to feel good in the process.

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Here's a quick example: Remember the show Myth Busters? Who was your favourite on the show? While Jamie is very smart and clear-thinking, most people gravitate to Adam. He's warm, fun, relatable, and goofy. In short, anytime Adam's on screen, we feel good.

And for your online business, that's exactly what you want. You want your audience, your prospects, your website visitors, and your customers to feel good anytime they're interacting with you, your content, your messaging, and whatever else you have for them.

You can do this in any way that you like, so long as it's casual and natural, not forced. The other point too is, don't go way overboard. People who appear to have had 17 coffees that morning or who are maybe on recreational drugs are too much to take.

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Tone it back and keep everything light and fun. Here's a quick example of how I do this with Ten Ton: If we met in person, you'd discover that I'm just as relaxed, chilled out, fun, casual, and kinda goofy in real life as I am here.

I just worked all this stuff into what I do cuz it comes naturally...Plus, I wanna have fun in my business too, right? But admittedly way back I didn't really recognize or understand how powerful this is in terms of making people feel good and attracting people to my work.

My students started telling me things like, "Your online course was awesome! I laughed as much as I learned" or "This is such great content. Highly informative and delivered in such a fun, casual way." What I realized short...I was making people feel comfortable. I was making people feel positive and good.

So think about how you can use this for yourself in your own online business. If you decide to use humour or be super-laid back or whatever direction you take, just make sure it's authentic and natural.

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