Importance Of Marketing When Starting Your Business (Most Critical Task!)

One big challenge with building your online business and building your audience is, you can't get comfortable. There are no guarantees and there's never a steady, guaranteed paycheck. So, your marketing and promotional and audience-building efforts never really ends.

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It's never a case of, spend $500 or $1000 or whatever on Facebook ads and that'll be it...or, write these three or five blog posts or create this YouTube video and that'll be it. No, instead it requires ongoing effort and consistency.

Remember, marketing and audience building is one of the most important aspects of your online business. Now with all that said...while it's true that the process of attracting an audience to your online business never ends, keep in mind three things:

First, that if you've built your online business right -- if you've set things up correctly and followed the suggestions and processes I've detailed and outlined in my book, Online Business Building Blocks, then here's what you've created:

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You've created an online business that's all based around and founded in work you enjoy, that's fulfilling, that you're happy to continue doing for a long, long time.

Second, if you've structured the marketing and audience building and attraction side of your online business correctly, if you have systems and automation, and lead magnets and sequences set up correctly, then a lot of your efforts will run on their own without your direct input.

Third and finally, with enough consistent effort over a long enough period of time, you'll reach a point of "critical mass" where suddenly the magic kicks in and drawing in new fans, new customers, new audience members happens on it's own. This is where true automation kicks in.

For example, do you think the band Tool is worried about finding new fans? Is Apple worried about finding new customers? How about an author like Steven King or Neil Stephenson? At one point in time, yes they were after more customers and fans...

...but now, because their audience-building efforts have hit a point of critical mass, their core audience is established...and the audience is large enough that it begins feeding and replenishing itself, if that makes sense.

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