Importance Of Ethics In Business – Avoid This SILENT Business Killer

If you knew in your heart of hearts that you had a really great product or service that could genuinely help people, that would solve their big complex problems and issues that they struggle with...then of course you'd want to shout it from the rooftops, right?

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And what we're about to do here is really walk a fine line...a very crucial tightrope walk of ethics...because if you really, truly believed in what you were doing, you can't force it onto people. You can't force people to buy...even if it's in their own best interests.

Instead, we need to use what I call honest, ethical persuasion. That is, to present you, your online business, and your pain-solving product or service in the best way possible...and to let your potential customers make up their own minds. That's the honest, ethical, genuine way to do it.

And I call this a tightrope walk because the tools and methods of influence can be used for good -- to help people and to structure a voluntary financial transaction where you get what you want and your customer gets what they want...but tools and methods of influence and persuasion can also be used negatively.

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That is, for self interest and self-gain. For example, I just read an article about a photo studio in Los Angeles that has built a mock a movie set...of the interior of a private jet...complete with leather furniture and other expensive accoutrements.

The photography studio's target customer: Instagram and social media "influencers." So these "influencers" are using persuasion to make it appear as if they're highly successful jet-setting business moguls.

These are the same sorts of "influencers" who can be found taking selfies in front of other people's mansions and bringing four or five changes of clothes to the beach. What a joke! Total manipulation, and totally disingenuous...I'm sure you'd agree.

Because as soon as any one of these "influencers" (whatever the hell that even means!) as soon as they're found out...they lose the MOST important thing in business...TRUST. Instantly, all credibility goes out the window and they're exposed as the fraud they are.

To me, negative persuasion like this is a con artist or scammer. It's the same game. Really, what people who use persuasion in a negative way are doing is, they're distorting the truth for one-sided, personal gain...

...with no regard for the well-being of the people who believe them. And in business, this is a very, very dangerous game. Don't play it. Instead, everything you do must be honest, ethical, and genuine.

What your audience wants is genuine, honest solutions to their biggest give it to them! The stupid thing about all of this is that there's no need to be dishonest or disingenuous. It isn't needed for your online business to do well.

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