Importance Of Customer Service In Business (Overlooked SECRET Weapon!)

It's a totally crummy experience when we don't get the level of customer service we want from a business we've purchased from, right? Ever get stuck on hold? Ever have emails go unreplied? We all have, of course.

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And what bad experiences like this do is, they leave a bad taste in our minds...they leave a lingering doubt in our head that next time around, maybe we'll go find someone else to buy from.

See because when we're in the role of customer, we've given a business our money, we've trusted that they're going to give us what they promised...but now a problem as come up and we need their help...and we aren't getting it.

Very often, this is because to them, customer service and supporting their products is a hassle. They aren't making any more money by interacting with us...and in fact, handling our concerns are taking them away from more productive, money-producing activities.

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And we don't want to do this to our customers. When the roles reverse and we're now the business, we don't want to treat our customers this way. And here's why:

Yeah, customer service can sometimes be a drag. Yes, it takes us away from more immediately productive, money-producing activities...but think about this:

Who's easier to sell to, new cold prospects or existing, warm, happy, satisfied customers? Obviously existing customers, right? After all, getting the first "yes" is the hardest. Once you have the first "yes" and a new customer decides to buy from you, getting "yeses" in the future becomes way, way easier.

So while supporting your customers takes you away from more profitable work TODAY...supporting them very well and taking care of their concerns makes generating profits in the future much, much easier. In fact you could say that solid customer service is a function of long-term sales.

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