Importance Of Consistency In Your Business – What It REALLY Means!

Here's a cool aspect of human psychology: Consistency. We grow to trust people and businesses that are highly consistent...after all, if they showed up on time, provided great value, and helped solve our problems the last fifteen times...

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...then odds are that this pattern will continue on the sixteenth time, the seventeenth, and so on. And how do we feel about people and businesses who are radically inconsistent? They show up late every time (if they even show up at all), they sometimes provide value and sometimes they don't...

...and sometimes we get a fix for a problem or issue, but most times we don't. How do we feel about these sorts of people and businesses? We don't trust them at all do we? Their credibility sinks like a rock.

If we're considering entering into a voluntary financial transaction with someone like this -- which is exactly what a sale is -- we have no idea if we'll actually get what we pay for or not. In short, consistency is good persuasion.

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It communicates reliability, professionalism, authority and credibility...and maybe most importantly, trust. We TRUST that they're going to show up again and again and do a great job every time...because they've done exactly that the past fifteen times or whatever.

And inconsistency is bad persuasion. Inconsistency communicates unreliability, unprofessionalism, incompetence, and dishonesty. And these things are kryptonite to business owners, marketers, creators, and professionals. And it blows my mind how how hard it is to find reliable, consistent people and businesses sometimes.

I mean...all you have to do is show up on time and do the thing you promised to do. Why is that so hard? The business or person whose promises and words don't match their actions and behaviour communicate and tell us that they're unreliable and even deceitful.

This inconsistency between what they say and what they do creates distrust...which is a deathblow for a business. On the other hand, people who show up on time, every single time, and do what they said they were going to do earn our trust.

And this holds true for your online business and the relationship you have with your customers and your target audience, too. As online business owners and marketers, it's in our best interests to be consistent.

This means consistent customer service, providing consistent value, and showing up again and again to demonstrate that we can help solve their biggest, most painful problems. If you want to appear reliable, if you want to establish trust and credibility...just keep showing up.

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