Identifying Your Audience – Zero In TIGHT!

For your online business, it's very important to narrow down your focus and zero in on the target audience you want to serve -- the market sub-set that you'll directly seek to attract to whatever it is that you do. Need some examples?

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Here's a goofy one: I really like science fiction. But that's a very broad genre. Sci-fi includes space opera, soft sci-fi, hard sci-fi, space adventure, retro-future...and then there's all the punks: cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, and more.

And let's not forget all the cross-over stuff, like sci-fi/horror, sci-fi/comedy, sci-fi/action, and a million others -- and each one is a unique and distinct sub-market.

And you know what's interesting? As a sci-fi fan, I dislike most of these sub-groups! Instead, I'm very much in tune with what I really like...and what I don't. Said another way, I'm a member of just a few very narrow sub-genres. Are you, too?

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Or how about fitness? There's strength training, endurance training, cardio, flexibility, body composition, sports training, and more. And these easily break down into smaller and smaller sub-categories. Once again, one very tightly defined sub-category appeals to me and I ignore all the others.

The point here is that you can take any market, any topic, any area of interest, and break it down into smaller and smaller sub-categories. These are often called niches, but I usually just call them sub-markets, sub-categories, or target markets.

The important thing here is to start thinking about a specific sub-market you want to serve in your online business. And what's great is, as mentioned, it doesn't necessarily have to be a very big market. That's because rather than a big audience, what you really need is an engaged audience!

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