I Want To Quit My Job And Start A Business (Plot Your Escape From Cubical Hell!)

Don't fire your boss just yet. As much as you hate his guts and want to smash his face into his latte grande...the truth is that you need him, and your paycheck, for now. Hang in there. You can fire him soon enough.

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In the meantime, plot your escape. Start by deciding what kinds of people you want as customers. Who is it that you want to serve? Do you want to work with urban planners? Dentists? Expectant mothers? What kinds of people do you want to work with and serve all day long? Decide now.

Next, find out what sorts of problems and challenges the target audience you've identified has...and figure out if any of these are viable business opportunities. Here's what "viable business opportunity" means:

1) Does the solution to this problem intersect in any way with your unique set of skills, knowledge, or abilities? 2) Will these people pay for a solution to this problem, and 3) Can you engineer a solution that you can sell to them at enough of a profit to make the whole thing worthwhile?

Learn how to build your small business website!

The next thing you need to do is to think up a business name. Truthfully, the name of your business doesn't really matter, but make sure it relates somehow to your solution or your product. And this leads perfectly into your next step, which is to...

...register your domain name. This one's an easy one and only takes a few minutes and a few bucks. Check out the Show Notes below where I'll leave you some links to tutorials that'll walk you through the simple process.

Next up, maybe a bit of a detour: Business cards? Okay fine. But keep them simple and make sure this doesn't devolve into an exercise in vanity. Forget foil embossments or UV Spot finishes or any of that nonsense. Just tell us what the hell you do and how to contact you. Simple.

Continuing on the detour -- and actually before your business card detour -- what about a logo for your business? Okay fine, but for godsakes don't spend much time or money on this. A really great, clever logo does not guarantee that your business idea will be successful.

Just like business cards (and stationary, and embroidered shirts, and new office furniture) this whole project can quickly careen out of control into a deep (and useless) exercise in vanity. In terms of what you need to know, the short version is that your logo's simply an emblem for your business.

This means that at least starting out, good enough is good enough. Just hire someone on Fivver or 99Designs, throw $100 at it and call it a day. You can always rebrand and unveil your $500,000 logo after you're a millionaire, right? What matters most right now is sales!

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