HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

A plain-english guide to mastering HTML and CSS!

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  • Over 6 hours of hands‑on instruction!
  • Plain‑english, easy to follow!
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Why is web code so complex, technical, and frustrating?

I mean, who wants to code things from hand, right?

But at the same time, code like HTML and CSS really are the foundation of web design.

In other words, no matter what platform or web tools you use (WordPress or otherwise), HTML and CSS are always being used. And while modern tools make building websites fast and easy, often times we need to dig into the background code.

Maybe you need to make some customizations to get things looking exactly as you want. Maybe you need to troubleshoot something. Or maybe there's something you want to add to your site that can only be done through code...

...Or maybe you're just sick and tired of hiring expensive freelancers every time you need something done.

After all, that gets expensive and you spend a lot of time sitting on your hands waiting for your work to be done.

But what if you could do it all yourself? What if you could handle fixes, customizations, and changes quickly as they come up?

And what if it was all demystified and simplified for you?

And what if you could learn it quickly and efficiently?

What if you could...

Get up and running fast with HTML and CSS!

HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

See, most people think HTML and CSS is too complicated.

And yeah, there are some aspects of it that can be technical. But I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how simple and straightforward it can be.

That's why I put together HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design. Here, you'll get a full understanding of exactly how HTML and CSS work, and how you can put it all to use for your website.

And it's all presented for you in a casual, step-by-step process...with no technical complex explanations...

...and with no steps skipped!

What's important to remember is that in the real world, you won't be building full websites by hand. But what HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design gives you is a strong, solid foundation to handle code-related tasks yourself.

Learn about modern tools, methods, and approaches for contructing layouts, making customizations and keeping your code organized!

All in plain, clear English!

Here's how HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design is engineered for you...

Get a clear, practical, non-technical approach to web coding and how it works!

Here, it's all about taking things one step at a time. Each lesson builds on previous tasks to help progress your skills forward!

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step!
  • Clear, plain English -- no techie nonsense!
  • Not to fast, not too slow...just the right pace!
Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself
Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself

Discover the most modern tools and approaches to handling code!

Code can get confusing, no doubt! But in HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design, you'll learn about easy to use, modern tools that make editing and handling code a breeze.

And the good news is, the best tools are free! This means no expensive up front costs or ongoing software subscriptions.

With a modern toolbox at your disposal, you'll see just how easy it can be to manage and customize your code!

Integrate Photoshop and Illustrator into your web workflow!

See how you can work Photoshop and Illustrator into your web projects with a set of easy to follow, step-by-step lessons.

Learn how to create, adjust, and manipulate your web graphics to get them looking their best.

And, discover how to best handle your web graphics for page loading and performance!

Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself
Ready For Lift-Off: How To Build And Run Your Business Website Yourself

Take your site live to the web!

Once your web pages are complete, learn how to publish what you've created live on the web.

See the simple steps to move your content from your development stage to your live web server...all with no technical explanations or skipped steps!

You'll be surprised at how straightforward it all is!

Hey, I'm Geoff...

About Geoff Blake

...I teach small business owners how to build and grow their website themselves...and yeah, make more money!

And I want you to know that you're in good hands. So...

Here's my official bio: Geoff Blake is an award-winning veteran software trainer, author, and designer. A professional public speaker since 1997, Geoff has taught desktop publishing, web design and graphics courses for a wide range of clients and organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and colleges, to small and medium-sized businesses; and to individuals just like you. In 2009 he launched his video-based training site, Ten Ton Online, allowing him to reach students worldwide. With his humorous, non-jargonny approach, Geoff's style of teaching revolves around dissolving learner's anxiety, and presenting otherwise technical subjects in a relaxed, easy to understand way.

And here's a few professional acheivements: Lead software training classes in corporate environments for over ten years; Published author with Peachpit Press and top industry magazines and websites; Held a professorship at Seneca college, and ran graphics workshops at George Brown and Humber colleges in Toronto; Worked with nearly every major vendor in the online learning marketplace; Produced the award-winning Photoshop Extended Essentials training package with Total Training; Grew Ten Ton from complete scratch to well over 11,000 users and growing -- it's amazing that I can help so many people all over the world!

I hope it's obvious that I'm passionate about teaching! I love helping people launch and market their creative online projects...

...So let's get started on yours!

"Excellent course for building your own web site. The casual tone and clear instructions make it easy to follow and understand. I felt like Geoff was in the room instructing me personally! The step-by-step instructions helped me to feel more comfortable in tackling HTML coding, and Geoff’s insider tips on how to make a great site were invaluable."


"This course gave me a solid, strong foundation in web design and coding to build upon. I can now troubleshoot code more easily, and build pages and sites from scratch, whereas before I was just too intimidated. Well paced, easy to follow. Awesome course!"


Here's exactly what you'll get with your new course

Here's a run-through of all the great new skills you'll get in your new course...

  • Get a strong grip on the fundamentals: Nail down the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, how they work, and how you can put 'em to use!
  • Modern web tools: Assemble your toolkit of modern, easy to use coding and web tools!
  • Organize your site files! Get your website assets sorted and organzied into a logical structure!
  • Build everything by hand: See exactly how detailed layouts are constructed from scratch!
  • Structure layouts! Use layout objects, centering, and other modern approaches to building web pages!
  • Format text: Use precise CSS rules to control typography and text presentation!
  • Handle web graphics! Precisely resize images for use in your web layouts!
  • Control image formatting: Use CSS to control image positioning and presentation!
  • Hands-On graphics workflow! See how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS together in step-by-step workflows.
  • Site rollout: Expand your site from a single formatted template to a multi-page, intra-linked website!
  • Add a slideshow: Insert a slideshow presentation into your web pages that cycles through a series of images!
  • Take your website live: Upload your website from your development environment to a live web server!
  • Filled to the brim! Loaded with countless tips, strategies, extras, and cheat guides to get your content ranking high!
  • Practical and hands-on: Filled with hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical steps!
  • No expensive tools needed! No ongoing software subscriptions or costly tools needed...all you need is your web browser!
  • Non-technical and easy to follow! Casual, clear steps. No techie-jargon here!
  • Course Outline

    Here's a full outline of your course...


    1. Welcome to HTML5 & CSS3!
    2. A Look At What We'll Build

    Chapter 1: Let's Get Started!

    1. Programs I'll Be Using
    2. In The Beginning...HTML Fundamentals
    3. Understanding What CSS is All About
    4. Viewing A Page's Background Code

    Chapter 2: Gettin' Your Files Organized!

    1. Organizing Site Files
    2. Creating A Page and Understanding Index Files (Free Sample Lesson!)
    3. Setting Up An External Style Sheet

    Chapter 3: Doin' Nuthin'? Let's Build A Web Layout From Scratch!

    1. Setting Up The Page Structure
    2. Connecting the External Style Sheet and Testing
    3. Inserting and Formatting the Site Header
    4. Finishing Up The Basic Layout
    5. Debugging for Internet Explorer
    6. Understanding How the Layout Works
    7. Using Divs for Page Layout
    8. A More Economical Approach to Layout and CSS
    9. Using Float And Clear
    10. Centering the Layout
    11. Nesting Layout Objects
    12. Spacing Apart the Layout
    13. Final Touches

    Chapter 4: Insertin' And Formattin' Text!

    1. Inserting Text Into the Layout
    2. Setting Up Paragraphs and Headings
    3. Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 1
    4. Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 2
    5. Formatting HTML Headings with CSS
    6. Formatting Paragraphs
    7. Using Class Rules to Format Text (Free Sample Lesson!)
    8. More Formatting with Class Rules
    9. Working More Efficiently with CSS
    10. Inserting and Formatting Lists
    11. Using A List to Build The Main Navigation Menu
    12. Setting Up the Footer Navigation

    Chapter 5: Now It's Time For Some Graphics!

    1. Inserting an Image
    2. Resizing Images with your Graphics Editor
    3. Controlling Graphics with CSS
    4. Inserting the FeatureBox Images
    5. Adjusting the FeatureBox Layout
    6. Setting Up the FeatureBox Titles (Free Sample Lesson!)
    7. Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS Workflow

    Chapter 6: Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!

    1. Getting Ready for Site Rollout
    2. How to Not Roll Out A Website
    3. Rollout Part 1: Setting Internal Hyperlinks
    4. Rollout Part 2: Creating The Site's Pages
    5. Previewing And Testing The Site
    6. A Final Thought on Site Rollout

    Chapter 7: Inserting Additional Page Elements!

    1. Adjusting the Site's Hyperlink Formatting
    2. Inserting A Simple Slideshow
    3. Inserting and Formatting Tables
    4. Inserting A Google Map (Free Sample Lesson!)
    5. Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page
    6. Setting Up A Contact Us Page
    7. Finalizing the Site
    8. Organizing the CSS File

    Chapter 8: Going Live: Uploading the Completed Site!

    1. Setting the Remote Site Info
    2. Uploading the Local Site to the Remote Server
    3. Testing the Live Site
    4. Making Edits and Updating the Live Site
    5. Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers

    Wrapping Up HTML5 & CSS3

    1. Where to Go from Here

    "My biggest concern before enrolling in HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design was that I hadn't programmed with computers since before Geoff was born! I was feeling rusty about the whole thing. But the way Geoff laid out the course step-by-step and his teaching technique got me back into the swing of things very quickly. Now that I'm back up to speed, I'm looking forward to learning Java and JavaScript when I have more time. I truly believe that HTML and CSS are the foundations of web design...even if you're using something like WordPress. A basic understanding of both HTML and CSS is important for all sorts of reasons. But the great news is you do not need to become a whiz at coding. The main thing is learning how to read and understand code and get comfortable with it...and that's exactly what HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design did for me."

    John Pansini (Colorado Springs, CO)

    "I love Geoff’s training courses. It’s like he’s sitting right beside me, taking me through everything step-by-step!"


    "A big thank you for your amazing, easy to understand videos. I love your easy going style, it makes them so much easier to follow and have a good laugh as well. You have the uncanny knack of getting inside our heads and knowing what we find confusing. Amazing! Many thanks!"


    What's Unique About HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design?

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

    Code seems complex. But does it have to be?

    Most courses and videos assume way too much. They go way too fast. And they make HTML and CSS way more complex than they need to be.

    What make HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design unique is that it takes a very non-technical approach to an otherwise technical and complex subject -- web code!

    This course will show you, step-by-step, how to set up a web site from scratch, with tips and tricks of the trade to make your site more attractive and user-friendly. From what tools you need to build your site and creating and formatting pages, to what to test and look for before your site goes live, you'll get detailed and valuable information that will help you to master HTML coding skills.

    The casual approach, real world examples, and easy to follow lessons, make this course as entertaining as it is informative!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this course complex, technical, or difficult to follow?

    No, not at all. HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design has been carefully created to provide you with an easy to follow, non-technical approach to learn and begin using web code.

    This course is all about keeping things simple and straightforward...with no steps skipped!

    For a complete breakdown of everything that's included in your course, take a look at the complete course outline.

    Will I need to pay for expensive software or tools in order to use this course?

    No. The great thing about HTML and CSS is that you don't need complex or expensive tools to use them. Instead, all you need is a plain-text editor. Atom, Subime, and Brackets are all great (and free!) choices.

    How long is will it take to complete the course?

    The total length of the course is 6 hours, 4 minutes. So, you can easily get through it in less than a work day. And, because your enrollment gives you unlimited lifetime access, you can watch and re-watch your course as often as you'd like!

    Do I need to know anything before taking this course? Are there course prerequisites?

    Before taking this course, it's a good idea to be comfortable with things like copying and pasting, navigating through folders...basic computer stuff. You should also be comfortable using a web browser and navigating through web pages. But other than that, there's nothing else you need!

    No prior experience with coding or web design is required.

    How is the course structured? How does it work?

    The course is organized into chapters and individual video lessons. The course is also self-paced, so you can go through the material at your own speed. This allows you to pause, rewind, skip ahead, take a break...whatever you like! And since video lessons are streamed online (in the same way Netflix works), this means you can watch your course wherever you have an internet connection.

    Further, you can use your phone, tablet, or computer to watch your course...anywhere, anytime you like!

    Do I have to finish the course in a certain amount of time?

    No, not at all. Your course enrollment includes Unlimited Lifetime Access to your course. This means that you can watch and re-watch your course anytime you like. Many students return to their courses months, even years, after initially enrolling to go through things again.

    This makes your course a valuable resource for you to return to again and again...anytime you want!

    I'm too busy. What if I don't have time right now?

    Remember that this course includes Unlimited Lifetime Access. This means that you can enroll now to lock in your enrollment...and then come back and jump into your course whenever you like!

    Does the course come with project files?

    Yes, this course comes with a set of free downloadable project files. This allows you to follow along with each lesson, step-by-step and get the exact same results for yourself that you see in the course.

    What if I don't like the course? What's your refund policy?

    I definitely want to make sure you LOVE your course! But I understand that sometimes things don't make a good fit. That's why every course is backed by Ten Ton's Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee. If after receiving your course, you aren't happy with the material, send us an email within 30-days and get a prompt refund of your investment. No hard feelings!

    For more details about our refund policy, please click here.

    What does the course cost?

    For course pricing and what's included, please click here.

    How do I enroll in this course?

    To see your enrollment options, click right here!

    I want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your course enrollment! Yet sometimes things just aren't a good fit. That's why all courses are backed by Ten Ton's "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee!

    Here's what that means: If, after delving into your course, if everything’s still a "Spaghetti Salad" in your head...if you don't like how your courses are clearly structured and laid out...or if it just isn't working out...

    Get a full, prompt reimbursement on your enrollment within 60 hassles!

    Because I wouldn't want you stuck with in a course that isn't a good fit.
    I hope that sounds awesome!

    Ten Ton Heavy-Weight Guarantee!

    Dig further into HTML & CSS with this Special Bonus Course!

    Build A Fixed Background Scrolling Website

    It's one thing to learn how HTML and CSS work...but it's something else to actually put them to use. And in your special bonus course, Build A Fixed Background Scrolling Website, you'll do exactly that!

    In this short, hands-on course, you'll learn how to create a popular and effective web layout technique. This approach to page layout fixes background images as the user scrolls...then wipes them away as new page sections appear.

    This is a simple, effective page design approach that catches visitor attention, and gives your website a unique look.

    In your Build A Fixed Background Scrolling Website course, you'll learn...

    • How to establish main layout containers, and determine how they'll appear!
    • To insert background images that remain fixed to the browser window!
    • How to construct the entire layout effect by hand!
    • Further ideas about where you could take your layout!
    • ...and much more!

    "Limited Time Only" Premium Bonus Course!

    Google Search Console Unleashed!

    For a limited time, get an additional premium Bonus Course -- CSS Floating Layouts! A popular approach for building CSS-based layouts uses floats. But trying to understand how they work can be a real struggle. This detailed course takes the mystery and headache away, and shows you how to build amazing CSS-based floating layouts from the ground up!

    With a direct, non-technical approach, you’ll be up and running with CSS floats in no time! You’ll learn about floats and clears, then delve into creating three different types of layouts: flexible layouts, fixed layouts, and combination flexible/fixed layouts...

    ...all from scratch, all with floats...all by hand!

    In CSS Floating Layouts, you'll learn...

    • The right way to properly set clears and floats on layout elements!
    • How to establish basic floating page structures!
    • The various approaches to constructing combination layouts!
    • How to fix the widths of page elements!
    • ...and a whole lot more!

    Ready to enroll?

    Important! This is a self-study course with no direct involvement from Geoff. You will be working by yourself own at your own pace. To compliment your course, you'll have access to a variety of support resources, including free access to the Ten Ton Student-Only forum!

    Option 1

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

    HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design

    A great place to start with HTML and CSS!

    Perfect for those who just want simple answers!

    Discover how straightforward web code can be!

    • Get up to speed with HTML and CSS fast!
    • Discover modern web tools and approaches!
    • Build layouts and make customizations with ease!

    Option 2

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

    HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design
    + Fixed Background Scrolling Site

    A great place to start with HTML and CSS!

    Perfect for those who just want simple answers!

    Discover how straightforward web code can be!

    Scratch-build modern, fixed-background websites!

    • Get up to speed with HTML and CSS fast!
    • Discover modern web tools and approaches!
    • Build layouts and make customizations with ease!
    • Configure your site for top rankings!
    • Further ideas about where to take your layouts!
    • Hands-on and practical!
    • Deepen your skills and knowledge!

    Over $170 in value!


    Option 1

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

    HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design

    A great place to start with HTML and CSS!

    Perfect for those who just want simple answers!

    Discover how straightforward web code can be!

    • Get up to speed with HTML and CSS fast!
    • Discover modern web tools and approaches!
    • Build layouts and make customizations with ease!


    Option 2

    HTML 5 & CSS3 Site Design

    HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design
    + Fixed Background Scrolling Site +
    CSS Floating Layouts

    A great place to start with HTML and CSS!

    Perfect for those who just want simple answers!

    Discover how straightforward web code can be!

    Scratch-build modern, fixed-background websites!

    Master CSS floats!

    • Get up to speed with HTML and CSS fast!
    • Discover modern web tools and approaches!
    • Build layouts and make customizations with ease!
    • Configure your site for top rankings!
    • Further ideas about where to take your layouts!
    • Discover exactly how to use floats in your pages!
    • Learn a variety of layout techniques!
    • Dissolve the hassle and confusion!
    • Hands-on and practical!
    • Deepen your skills and knowledge!

    Over $260 in value!


    "Geoff’s expert teaching has guided me through the journey of learning web design. I started out as a complete beginner, but with Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years, which I could not have done otherwise (in fact, his training was to a much higher standard than my school’s). Now after learning so much with Geoff, I’ve gained a full time job as a web designer. Geoff helped get me that break, which I’m sure without his help simply wouldn’t have happened."


    "I like the easy going, friendly style of these courses. Keeps my attention and I can listen to your voice for hours without drifting! I tried a couple of Lynda courses previously, but found I lost interest quickly. Much better courses on Ten Ton Online!"


    "I can’t tell you how many times I sat there and said “Oh, that’s how you do that!” throughout this course. Most importantly, Geoff explains the “why” along with the “how,” so I didn’t feel like I was left in the dark. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get the most out of Photoshop with web design. The word “helpful” doesn’t even begin to describe Geoff!"


    "From the web layout’s header, down to the footer, Geoff literally walks us through each section of the design, including graphics, code and so much more. Plus, after learning all his helpful Photoshop hints, tips and tricks, all I can say is that I wish I found this course sooner!"


    "Champagne videos! After trawling the web looking for many answers, your videos have answered them all and more! Thanks heaps for this knowledge as it’s saved so much time. They’re simply the best tutorials on the matter. Cheers!"


    "Awesome. I LOVE how easy it was to follow you. The way you took time to explain every single action made this a great tutorial. Many, many thanks!"


    "Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand — all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success."


    "Never have I come across such a thorough method of teaching. Your courses have helped me tremendously! Thank you!"


    "I seriously feel like how Neo felt when he just learned kung fu going through these videos, it cleared up a lot thank you!"


    "I just had to write to say how thrilled I was with this course. I don’t enjoy learning new technical stuff or having to study. This course made it all SO easy. It was so much fun I can’t believe how quickly I went through them all because I didn’t want to stop learning! Highly recommended!"


    "Awesome. I LOVE how easy it was to follow you. The way you took time to explain every single action made this a great course. Many thanks!"


    "This course was great. Geoff’s concise, easy way of teaching is fantastic. Everything is so easy to understand and makes so much sense. I’ve used other online schools but was totally lost until I found Ten Ton. It is a real pleasure to learn from these videos."


    "Man, that was the BEST video course ever! Thanks Geoff, that makes so much sense to me, and is easy to follow!"


    "AAAAAhahaha, what great work! I really enjoy the enthusiasm and clarity in your delivery! I've been freelance web designing for a few years and it's sites like yours that really helped me to evolve into a better designer. Now I can build e-commerce sites for clients too! Many thanks for your hard work and I wish you the best in the future!"


    "I must say, your courses have been a life saver! I wasn't new to building websites but I was new to WordPress. Your courses have open new avenues for me. There are still a few things that I want to know more about and I see that you offer those courses too. So, I'll be back to purchase another course, for sure!"


    "Just when I thought that this was going to be a tough subject to learn, Geoff totally flipped the switch on me. He made this SO easy. It was like he literally took me by the hand and told me exactly what I had to do, and exactly HOW to do it! Plus, he made the whole process fun and easy. I also couldn’t believe that he packed so much information in one little place! And I think the best thing about this, was that I could always stop the video, go back if I needed to fully understand something, and continue on at my own pace. Thanks Geoff. I’ll definitely be back for more!"

    Enroll now!