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Google Analytics Master Class!

Google Analytics is a powerful (and free!) tool for tracking visitor data on your website. With it, you can monitor how users behave, what pages are visited most, how you're found online...and much more!

Tracking visitor data is crucial for knowing how users are behaving on your website...

But Google Analytics can be confusing and complex to sort through. Knowing where to start, navigating through it's deep reports, and making sense of it's powerful features is puzzling and unintuitive.

But in this short, direct Google Analytics Master Class, you'll be taken, step-by-step, through the most powerful, useful features that matter most to your website and online business.

You'll be an analytics PRO in no time!

You'll start with a clear walk-through to properly add your site to Google Analytics. Then, get a guided tour through the many screens and areas of Google Analytics...so you'll be feeling comfortable and at home inside it's interface.

Then, it's time to take advantage of the impressive, immersive features and reporting tools found in Google Analytics. Learn how to sort through audience data, uncover your visitor's behaviour, view reports for specific pages, and more! See what online channels attract the most traffic, what pages visitors arrive on most, and other critical analytics data.

All this and more is packed into Google Analytics Master Class!

In your Google Analytics Master Class, you get...

  • A step-by-step guide to configuring Google Analytics!
  • A clear, simplified approach to getting the most out of traffic data!
  • Analysis reports on how visitors are finding you online!
  • A solid grasp on what pages visitors engage with most!
  • Unlimited, lifetime access!
  • ...and a whole lot more!

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