How To Write Website Content For Business (Simplify The Whole Sha-Bang!)

It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused with web design and business. After all, business and getting your product or service to market is tough enough. Compound that with your business website, how it should look, what you should include, and so on, only makes the problem worse.

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I've been involved with many, many business website launches where I've helped the business owner get their website online. And what I see consistently, over and over, is this: Business website owners loading page after page of content onto their site.

One of the worst offenders had their website written by a professional writer. Each page was about a mile long of solid text, and there were pages and pages of this was like War And Peace in website form.

Finally I broke and said, "This is all very well written...but NOBODY'S going to read it." Why? Because we don't read on the web. We scan. We really only read the stuff we're interested in.

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It's kinda like my Dad reading the morning paper. When I was a kid I asked him, "How do you read an entire newspaper every single morning?" He answered, "Oh no, I don't read the whole thing cover to cover.

I know the sections I'm interested in, and I scan headlines until I find something I'm interested in reading." That's exactly what we do online. Turns out, Dads know how to navigate the web!

So what should you include on your website? What are the basics? Well, this really depends on the kind of business website your'e building. I have another post that details out the 5 different types of websites you can build and what to include in each.

Check the show notes down below, where I'll leave you a link. But at a minimum, you simply need to give visitors a clear idea of what problem you solve / what you sell / what you do. Keep it short, succinct and to the point.

Remember, people scan. They're in a hurry. They don't have the time or interest to decipher cryptic descriptions or clever marketing drivel.

So what should you include? The least amount possible to get the point across. "We save homeless dogs," "We sell antique china," "I help creative entrepreneurs." Short, sweet, to the point.

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