How To Write Effective Emails For Business (Basics Explained!)

Here's a few tips on writing effective emails that I've learned and figured out over the years. First, write your emails like you talk. I know this totally flies in the face of "professional" emails...but what you don't want to do is come across as some stuffy, faceless, boring business.

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Instead, people are attracted to personality. They want to relate to you and know that you're human. So don't hide your personality...amplify it!...that said, don't go overboard. You and I both know that you're crazy, right? But we don't want the rest of the world to know!

Seriously though, so what if you're a little quirky or odd. That only adds to what makes you personable and relatable! Next, and this is a weird one...but check this out: Profits are attracted to speed. The faster you work, the more money is attracted to you.

I know that sounds nuts and it may have something to do with taurus being in the house of aquarius or whatever but honestly, give this a go if you don't believe me. Don't grind over your emails for hours to make them perfect.

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Instead, bang them out as fast as you can -- 300 words tops. Who cares if you make a typo or miss a comma...again, it makes you more human. Here's another one: Lay out a structure first. This one's a biggie for me, at least.

If you're doing something on "7 tips to get..." or "5 ways to...whatever..." write out the 7 tips or the 5 tips first. There's your outline. Now all you have to do is go back and fill them in with a bit more context. Easy!

Next, and we have to be kinda careful here: Next in every email you send, you should be selling something. Now I don't mean this in a sleazy way or anything like that.

What I mean is, the people on your mailing list need to know very clearly and in no uncertain terms that you're a business and that you have products and services to sell. Now your offer doesn't have to be based on a monetary exchange...

Maybe in one email you're offering a free online workshop. Maybe in another you've set up a live bootcamp...who knows. But, every email must have something for the reader to do -- a Call-To-Action as they call it.

And always put this at the bottom of your email and if you can, naturally work it into the last point that you're making in your email so it's a smooth segue. If this doesn't feel right to you, again, I'm not talking about hard selling or any of that garbage...

...instead, I'm talking about further helping your audience by giving them the next logical progressive step for them to take. If it feels uncomfortable, then maybe "selling" isn't the right word...

...but if you aren't guiding them to the next steps, then you aren't helping them...because in order to get the results and fixes they want, they need to take those next logical steps forward.

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