How To Write A (KILLER!) About Page For Your Website

Here's what most website's do with their About page...they make it "about us" -- as in, "about the website" and "about the online business," right? After all, it's the name of the page, right?!

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But really, your About page isn't "about you"'s "about your visitor." For example, check this out. Here's an example of what I saw recently on a business website's About page:

"[Company name] is a team of [area expertise] consultants who have come together to bring passion back to [the market]. We have established our passions around solving [target market] pain-points. With over 6 years in the industry, our team brings relevant industry examples to [what we do]. Our goal has always been to deliver exceptional services tailored to your style and needs, whether it be virtually or one-one."

Like...are you still with me? Are you still watching? Even I tuned out while I was reading that. Here, they've made it all about THEM and not about the visitor at all.

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As I'm reading this I'm going, "Why should I care?" "What's in it for me?" "What benefits do I get working with you instead of your competitors?"

See, your website's About page is a hidden opportunity to make it all about your visitor. Here's what you'll get; Here's why you should care; Here's how we handle your biggest objections -- this sorta stuff.

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