How To Validate Business Ideas (Be 100% Sure Of Success!)

What you want to do is disprove your business and product idea quickly, because you don't want to waste time developing something that nobody wants. So, find out what your target market's pains are, and then as quickly as possible, try to disprove your idea. Here's a great way to do that...

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Simply ask your target audience to pay for your solution in advance. Now, "pay" could mean any kind of transaction: You could send them a link to a video or blog post you've created, allowing you to test engagement. You could provide an opt-in where they exchange their email address for your solution.

Or maybe you could take things further: You could ask your prospects to pre-buy a product that doesn't yet exist at a steep discount. So maybe you could say something like this:

"We have a live online class running next week that'll solve [pain]. You'll get [benefit], [benefit], and [benefit]. Enrollment is just $47. Sign up here." That's a VERY rapid way to validate an idea.

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Asking people to buy -- and actually getting sales -- is the ultimate form of idea validation. Think about it: People are ACTUALLY paying you for your solution to their problem...validation doesn't get any better than that!

And you know what? This is hard work. It's far easier to take your "magical big idea" and simply run with most business newbies do. But doing the hard work up front can save you immense amounts of time and frustration (and crickets) down the road.

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