How To Use Content Marketing To Improve Lead Generation (Key Strategies!)

We think it's all about DRIVING traffic to our website, our online business, and our products and services. It's as if we're going out and somehow "getting" traffic for our online business. But here's something critical to know: the traffic already exists. There's no DRIVING, there's no "getting."

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Instead, all you need to do is get your web pages, your content, your articles, and your offers in front of it. That's all there is to it. How do you do this?

By publishing web pages, articles, posts, or product pages that zero in and targets the specific keywords and phrases your target audience and your potential customers use when they're searching online.

So let's back up for a sec. It all starts at the top of your sales funnel. At the very top of your funnel is where your blog posts, articles, videos, web pages, and other helpful content resides. How do you get eyeballs to this content?

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By putting that content in front of traffic that already exists online. Right now, hundreds, maybe thousands of people are actively searching for the sort of content that relates to you, your work, and your online business.

And you put this content in front of traffic that already exists by finding out the exact keywords the audience you want to target searches for. Think of it this way: Effective keyword research, which anyone can easily learn how to do (it isn't rocket science), will tell you what your audience wants.

This research will uncover your audience's questions, their problems, what they're looking for, and so on. Then, all you have to do is give these people what they already want. When you do that, you start getting found through online search.

Content that's targeting keywords is fuel for your content marketing strategy. And guess what happens? A percentage of people who find your helpful content will join your mailing list and become a member of your audience. And a percentage of them will buy from you once they get to know, like and trust you.

So the strategy is simple: Find out the kind of content your wants; create that content and structure it in a specific way so that it gets picked up by Google and other search engines; when you start getting found, people join your audience; and a percentage of your audience will eventually become paying customers.

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