How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business – Important Guidelines!

As online business owners and online marketers, if we're leveraging platforms like YouTube or if we're following an SEO strategy and ranking content in Google, or even if we're using some social media platform, then it's very important to understand YouTube's top priority and Google's top priority.

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Us online business owners, online marketers, and creators are NOT YouTube or Google's priority. Instead, YouTube and Google are focused entirely on their end users. In the case of YouTube, their priority is to keep people on YouTube for as long as possible.

Google's top priority is to provide their users with the best quality search results for whatever it is they're searching for. Why is this important for us marketers and online business owners? Because if we can help YouTube, Google, and other platforms with their priorities...they'll help us.

For example, if you provide the best possible content for specific search phrases and keywords, that helps Google help their end users...and as a result, Google will reward us by ranking our content.

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And for us, this entire process starts with finding out exactly what the sorts of people we want to attract to our websites are searching for online. Or in the case of YouTube, the sorts of content they like to view. This is what market research and keyword research are all about.

Once we know what sorts of things our audience is searching for, that helps us better serve them because now we can create the exact sorts of videos, articles, and blog posts that can help them the most and give them exactly what they're after.

Said another way, if you want traffic landing on your website and product offers...if you want to build an audience around your online business, then you have to provide to people the sorts of things they ALREADY want to consume. Here, it's simply a matter of giving them what they already want.

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