How To Sell More – Sell WITHOUT Selling!

If you know and understand what the audience you seek to serve really, truly wants, then after you've built them a solution, all you have to do is demonstrate it to them.

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Show them how your product can solve their painful problem and take them where they want to go -- no selling required! Can you do that? Of course you can!

See, your customers sell themselves. All you have to do is acknowledge their problem, tell them you have a solution, tell them about all the benefits they get...and they'll handle the rest...meaning, if it's a good fit for them and the timing's right, they'll buy.

This is what I call "ethical selling." It has nothing to do with sales tactics, strategies, or anything like that. Let me give you an example of "ethical selling."

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I love to play drums. But for a long while, when I play my hands cramp up so badly that I can hardly hold on to my sticks. It's a big problem! So I start searching for solutions.

To make a long story short, after trying a bunch of different things, I came upon Easton Ahead drumsticks. Yes, Easton the baseball bat and hockey stick company. They make special aluminium drumsticks that drastically reduce vibration and hand fatigue.

And just like that, my long-standing problem has finally been resolved. Nobody gave me a "hard sell" or used any kind of slimy, unethical ploys. No one from Easton sold me. I sold me after I searched and searched for a solution to my big problem.

After I saw the product, learned how it was constructed and what it promised, that was credibility enough. The dots all connect in my brain -- I envisioned a better future where my problem was solved and I can move on with my life -- and my brain spits out, "Shut up and take my money!"

That's what "ethical selling" is all about. So, assuming all other ingredients are in place simply make an honest and credible case for your product and don't promise anything you can't deliver on, and your customer will decide for themselves.

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