How To Select Your Business’s PROFITABLE Target Market!

When trying to identify which market you'll serve, it's critically important to ask youself this question: "What sorts of people do I enjoy being around?" So, who do you enjoy spendign time with? What sorts of people could you hang around and spend time with, day in and day out?

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After all, you'll be spending a lot of time interacting with and serving your customers, so make sure they're the sorts of people you actually, you know, like!

Take some time and really put some thought into this. What groups of people do you enjoy being around? Of all the different kinds of people you could serve, who do you want to work with, day in and day out, for your remaining working years?

Fitness freaks who love trying out the latest exercise routines and diet plans? Accountants and bookkeepers who love numbers, paperwork, and who get excited at creating new spreadsheets? App designers who are all about usability and user experience?

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Who knows -- but really put some thought into this because it's a big, early decision in the direction your business will take. And remember, it's your business. You can build it how you want, in a way that fits you just right.

As before, you're the most qualified person to sort this out.

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