How To Overcome The BIGGEST Obstacle In Business (Is This Gonna Be Worth It?)

Too often, people get started on projects, businesses, or get themselves into a working situation with only half their heart. What's easy is to get caught up in that early excitement and euphoria of a new project or venture.

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It's something completely different to overcome relentless obstacles, keep your head straight when everything's going wrong, and to keep slogging through what's often referred to as The Trough Of Sorrow.

It's like a filtering out the uncommitted. EVERYTHING'S telling you to stop: "It's not worth it. Go back. This is too hard." Will you listen? Or will you keep going?

This is why it's so important, at the outset of any endeavour, project, business, or opportunity, to ask yourself, "Is this worth it? If things get really, really hard, will I want to keep going?"

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The best time to quit is before you begin. The worst time to quit is when it gets hard.

So decide ahead of time if you're willing to pay the price. Nothing's free. And if it were easy, 1) Everyone would do it, and 2) It wouldn't be valuable, rare, interesting, or noteworthy. In fact, it would be the opposite. It would be boring, average, and regular.

Obstacles and barriers are there to keep the unworthy out. Are you willing to pay the price in full, up front, to get past the barriers?

Decide what you want; then find out the price; then decide if you're willing to pay that price or not. If you're willing to pay it, then get on with it with no complaints. If you're not willing to pay it, then go find something else and repeat the process.

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