How To Overcome Marketing Challenges – Crush This ONE HUGE Problem!

Building and growing an audience online around your online business and the work you do is one of the hardest things. Yet at the same time, it's some of the most important and valuable work you'll do in your business.

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Working on building an audience is just as important as in-depth market research, and it's just as important as developing your products and services.

The challenge here is that, like many other things in life, you'll put a whole lot of effort in and won't see much in terms of results in the short term.

Just like trying to lose weight or trying to learn an instrument or any other worthwhile endeavour, the only way to grow an audience online is through long-term consistent effort.

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Here, just focus on providing valuable, insightful, helpful content for the audience of people you wish to serve. And keep publishing this sort of content. What happens is, over time things begin compounding...

...just like compound interest...just like learning a new instrument or anything else. And so don't get discouraged when you don't see short term results. What happens with most people is, they try something new for a week or two...or maybe three.

But because they aren't getting any results or feedback, they get discouraged...they get frustrated...and they quit and go back to being comfortable instead.

The sad part here is that there was nothing wrong with their efforts. They weren't doing anything wrong. In fact, they were on the right track. But what happened was, they let their monkey-brain -- aka: Resistance -- convince them that all this was stupid and useless and not worth the effort.

"Why bother!" The mistake here was listening to this voice and believing it...and quitting way too soon for the magic to kick in.

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