How To Know If Entrepreneurship Is Right For You – Too Risky Or HUGE Opportunity?

We hear this all the time: Not everyone has the temperament to be an entrepreneur. "It's too risky. It's too hard." Well is it? Yeah, it is. It's a hard path. It ISN'T for everyone...

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But neither's waking up early five days a week for 40 years to do meaningless work. That's a different kind of hard path. If you look at the statistics, the route of an employee starts off well and slowly degrades over time.

The path of a business owner who can stick it out during those early, lean years, is often the opposite. So really, the only reason why entrepreneurship isn't for everyone is because most people have another option. And hey, that's perfectly fine. We have to choose what's right for ourselves.

But roll this around for a sec: Really, we're all born entrepreneurs. Hunters and gatherers were entrepreneurs. So were our ancestors, if you dial back far enough. My ancestors were immigrant farmers. Keep dialling back in time, and you find that everyone was an entrepreneur.

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Not too long ago, many of us were entrepreneurs. Hunter gatherers, serf farmers, blacksmiths...all are variations of "entrepreneur." Back then, you ate what you could kill or your tribe goes hungry. Pretty primal. Pretty simple.

It wasn't until the Industrial Revolution where people had the OPTION to move into the city and work for a guaranteed wage that being an entrepreneur became a CHOICE.

So now, in our modern times, we now have the OPTION to NOT be an entrepreneur and instead exchange our time for money. That's totally fine. There's nothing wrong with that. But what if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you started working on something on the side?

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