How To Keep Cost Low When Building A Website (Rarely Revealed TIPS!)

In another post, I'd arrived at a cost of $1,370 as an estimate to build your online business website. And this estimate assumes that you're handing the building of your website yourself rather than hiring an expensive freelancer, developer, or agency.

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If you'd like to know how I arrived at $1,370, take a look at the Show Notes below where I'll leave a link to that post. And what if you decided to go with an agency or freelancer?

Then your costs skyrocket to anywhere from about $5000 to $10,000 -- and in fact, I detail this in yet another post. Again, check those Show Notes if you're interested. But at least for now, going the DIY route and building your website yourself is going to bring your costs down around $1,370.

And you know, I think we could cut your costs even more here. Not everything in my estimate is mandatory. For instance, in my estimate, I included $100 for an SSL certificate.

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But you can get an SSL certificate for free with your web hosting -- the hosts I recommend to my students all come with free SSL certificates. Further, you could go with a free design theme to reduce your costs even further.

But I think we can do even better than this: As I started working all these numbers out on paper, I realized that over time your costs are going to get lower and lower. See, what's great about learning web design for yourself is this:

You learn the basics once, and then you have those skills forever. In other words, web design's a skill that you can use over and over and over again to build as many websites as you like.

And here's how this affects your costs: Let's say as an example that in the next 24 months, you have ideas to build and launch three new online businesses -- and trust me, building online businesses gets very addictive!

If you had to hire a flaky freelance designer to help you with these three new online ventures, the math is very simple: $10,000 multiplied by three -- your new online businesses will cost you $30,000 -- yikes!

Even if you found a cheap web designer who'd only charge $5000 to build your website for you, you'll still be $15,000 in the hole just to get your ventures online.

But alternatively, if you took the time to learn the basics of web design, the cost comparison is crazy -- $1370 multiplied by three is just $4110. And, you'd own and control your businesses and not be reliant on a flaky designer to take care of them for you.

And don't forget, that's just your costs in the first year. These expenses would drop in subsequent years. But this is where things keep getting better: I can help you reduce the cost to build and run your online business website even further.

For example, did you know that you can run more than one website from a single web hosting account? Hosts like Web Hosting Hub, SiteGround, and WP Engine allow you to run multiple websites with their plans -- something that a freelance web designer probably wouldn't tell you.

This instantly saves you on web hosting the tune of hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year in savings, depending on how many websites you're running.

And there are other cost saving measures, too. For instance, many paid WordPress themes and plugins allow you to use them on more than one website. Again, this can save you hundreds and help reduce your costs even more.

So what's great about learning web design for yourself is that once you have the basics down, any websites and online projects you launch will be incredibly cheap and cost effective for you...and only get cheaper over time.

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