How To Identify A Target Market For Your Business!

Zeroing in and narrowing your online business's focus to just a single, tiny target market seems scary doesn't it? It seems scary because it feels like we're limiting our number of potential customers, right?

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Admittedly, narrowing your focus down to a small market sub-set takes some guts. It feels restrictive and limiting, doesn't it? It gives us the jitters because it means we'll be ignoring the majority of the market and instead targeting a smaller, more specific sub-group of people.

But really, there's nothing to fear here. You won't be excluding anyone. All you're doing is identifying a specific target audience that defines the tip of your spear. This precise pin-point defines your ideal customer...not your ONLY customers.

By identifying and defining the target audience your online business will serve -- that narrow group of people who share a specialized interest -- you're instantly differentiating yourself in the market. "We're THIS...THIS is what we do...THESE are the people we do it for."

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And while that might sound limiting, there'll still be plenty of people who aren't an exact match for that special interest group you identified who'll be attracted to what you're doing. And assuming they aren't giving you a headache, you won't turn them away.

So we aren't rejecting anyone here. We're just defining a bull's eye for your business to aim for -- that narrow slot on The Long Tail if you know what I'm talkin' about! That's really all you're doing here.

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