How To Handle Failure In Business (Fresh Perspective!)

A lot of people are afraid of failure. In fact, they're so afraid of it, that it stops them cold in their tracks and prevents them from ever moving forward towards the things they want. But this whole "failure" thing is completely misunderstood. We have totally wrong ideas about it.

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Really, failure is just a part of life. Whether you're learning how to make scrambled eggs, ride a bike, or start a business, you'll fail and fail and fail until you finally start getting it right. That's just how life is.

Expecting to be amazing at something on your first go isn't realistic...and it sets you up for ULTIMATE failure -- getting discouraged and quitting early before you ever get a chance to get half decent.

Failure isn't permanent, nor is it negative. Instead, all failure means is, "Haven't gotten it right yet." And it's all relative, too. Have you ever seen someone do something really incredible -- maybe like really wail on the guitar? And you go, "Wow man, that's awesome!" And what do they say?

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"Thanks man, but I'm no Eddie Van Halen." We're always "comparing up," aren't we? But what if we changed our perspective on all this? What if instead, we didn't see it as something similar to, "I suck and until I can play exactly like Eddie Van Halen I'll always suck"...

That is to say, what if we didn't see it as a hierarchy where we're constantly "comparing up" and instead saw it all as a series of linear stepping stones? So more like, "This is where I am...and to move to the next stage, I've gotta overcome this next thing."

Isn't that a much healthier perspective? And so as you continue building your business, don't get discouraged and certainly don't quit. Just like anything else, it's simply a matter of not having all the information, knowledge, and skills just yet.

The good news is, you're probably only 4-5 big distinctions away...which is WAY closer than you were at this time last year, isn't it?

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