How To Get Testimonials – Secret Strategies To Build Social Proof!

How can you get testimonials for your products, your website, and your online business? As I'm sure you know, testimonials are hugely powerful and very important for your business...and that's because they're in the words of your happy satisfied customers...

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...that is, people who are just like the sorts of people you want to attract to your business, right? But getting really great testimonials for your website and your business can be challenging. So here, you're gonna get some killer strategies to get testimonials for your business.

Okay, here's the first way to get great testimonials -- and it's oftentimes overlooked.

Just ask!

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Yes, just ask your customers -- what a concept!

And here's why you want to be sure to do this: I think very often business owners wait until a customer voluntarily offers a testimonial.

I suppose this makes sense because business owners are busy people wearing multiple hats...

...and that means that having some kind of system in place to regularly collect testimonials falls by the wayside.

But even happy, satisfied customers most often remain silent. So, if you want killer testimonials, you can't wait for your customers to offer them.

But the challenge here is that it can be hard at first to get testimonials if you're just starting out. If you have only a few sales so far...or maybe even no sales just yet...

...then it can be really hard to ask customers for a testimonial...cuz you don't have many customers yet...

...or maybe you don't have any customers at all!

Fear not my friend, with a little creative thinking we can circumnavigate these challenges...and this leads us perfectly into the second way that you can get killer testimonials for your business.

In exchange for a sample, a trial, or even a free product.

So whether you're just getting started or even if you've been in business for a while and have solid sales, you can definitely use this next technique for getting great testimonials.

And here it is: Ask for testimonials in exchange for a free sample, a limited-time trial, or even a completely free product.

So, you give a handful of your customers -- I'd suggest your BEST customers -- your product for free, or a portion of your product, or a short-term trial...or whhatever you see fit...

...and in exchange, they provide you with a testimonial.

This is a really great strategy if you're just getting your business started, or anytime you launch a new product or service.

Just be sure to be completely up front with your customer so that they understand that they've gotta uphold their end of the exchange, and provide you with an honest testimonial within a certain period of time.

Build it into an auto-responder sequence that you send after someone buys

Now the only issue that I have with the first two methods you and I have discussed here is that it's all manual. My preference is to automate things.

This way, I don't have to remember to do them! Instead, they happen automatically.

And yes, you can absolutely automate gathering great testimonials for your business.

How? By setting up an email auto-responder to ask your customers for a testimonial.

Now if you're not sure, an auto-responder is simply an email or a series of emails that automatically get sent out anytime a particular event occurs.

So, an email auto-responder has a "trigger" that's then followed by a series of events -- typically, emails being sent in a particular order.

So here's how you can use this for yourself: You could set up a simple auto-responder sequence in your email marketing service...

...and if you'd like my recommended service, check the show notes below...

...there, you could set up a simple email auto-responder that gets triggered anytime someone buys from you.

Now you could set up your auto-responder however you like, but what I'd suggest is to do something like this:

Immediately after someone buys, your business's payment processor likely already sends them a purchase confirmation and receipt, so you won't need to worry about this.

However right after they buy, send them a personal "thank you" email. Here, you could introduce yourself, thank them for purchasing, and then here's what I suggest you do next...

...include some kind of free gift or bonus.

This could be a short video series, a cheat sheet or printable reference card, or something else that's helpful and valuable, that relates to their purchase.

What this does is, it reinforces their purchase decision -- because after all, very often right after we buy something, we sometimes feel a bit of buyer's remorse...

..."Oh shoot, did I make the right decision? Did I make a mistake?"... what we want to do is eliminate that feeling and reinforce their decision, letting them know that yes, they've made the right choice.

Next, I strongly suggest that you wait a day and then send them an email with a link to a blog post, article, or video of yours that relates to the product they've bought.

In fact, you can repeat this as much as you'd like...

...wait another day, then send a second blog post or video...wait another day again and then send another link to a video or article, and so on.

This again helps to reinforce that they're in the right spot, you're there to guide them and help them, and that they've made the right decision to do business with you.

But notice...this has nothing to do with gathering testimonials, does it?!

Well obviously, you can't ask for a testimonial too early on, right?

So what I'd suggest you do is wait a week or so -- I mean, it really depends on the kind of product you're selling, right? You'll know what period of time is appropriate.

So, wait a period of time, and then send an email that asks them for a testimonial.

You might say something like, "Hey I really hope you're enjoying [product name] and I'd love to get your thoughts. No doubt you've noticed that we use testimonials throughout our website...and I'd love to add yours!"

Just something short 'n sweet is all you need.

Goes without saying that ALL testimonials must be real, genuine, and authentic.

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