How To Get Started With Content Marketing (Use These 3 SECRETS!)

Here's something to think about: The highly valuable, helpful content that you create for your audience and as a way to attract the sorts of people you'd like to work with can break down by topic.

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For instance -- and this is just off the top of my head -- if you sell camping gear, then you may write articles or create videos based on gear -- tents, camper trailers, stoves, sleeping gear, and so on. Or you might create content based on cool locations to go camping, winter camping, and so on.

And that's all fine -- and I'm just using camping as a quick example. You know your online business and so you know what topics and subtopics would work for you. you can break things down by topic.

But think about this: In addition to, or as an alternative to, breaking things down by topic and sub-topic, you could also break things down like this: Benefits, Simplicity, and Results. Let me explain...

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Benefits: "Here's what [topic] can do for you..." "Here's why [topic] is important to learn..." "Here's why you should care about [topic]..."

Simplicity: "Here's the main components of [topic]..." "Here's how the main components of [topic] break down even further..." "Here's a big distinction / the truth about how [topic] REALLY works..."

Results: "Here's how to get this specific result in [topic]..." "Follow me step-by-step, and together we'll get this specific result..." "Here's where to go to get this specific result..."

Add 'em all up, and these three -- again, Benefits, Simplicity, and Results -- go a long, long way to establishing Credibility. And Credibility means Trust and Authority...and that's EXACTLY what your audience and potnetial customers need from you. They need to know that they can trust you and that you're credible.

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