How To Find Profitable Business Ideas (Hidden In Plain Sight!)

What's a big, intricate, complex, painful problem that your target audience is willing to pay to have fixed for them? Can you create some kind of solution that will solve their problem and take them to the result that they want?

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For example, if I knew that new entrepreneurs wanted to make more money, wanted to raise their prices, but were very nervous to for fear that they'd drive away customers, I might create a "7-Step Online Workshop" to help them get the result they want, which is increased revenue without scaring off customers.

And to pitch this, all I'd have to do is state the big, complex problem; state my target customer's desired result; and then make them an offer. Maybe something like this...

"Imagine doubling your revenue month over month. But raising prices might scare off your customers, right? But what if you could raise your prices, increase your revenues, and not lose any customer at all? In my 7-Step online workshop, you'll learn the exact methods countless online business owners have used to double their revenue, increase profitability, and not lose a single customer in the process? In fact, most increase the number of customers they serve!"

Learn how to build your small business website!

[and then my call to action]: Sign up for this limited, time-sensitive workshop today and discover how to double your business in 30 days or less!"

That's really all there is to it. Find a painful problem, build a solution, then create an offer. That's business in a nutshell!

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