How To Find New Customers And Increase Sales (Use This Strategy To WIN!)

Here's something incredible about creating valuable, helpful content for your audience: It automatically pre-selects and pre-qualifies your audience for you -- that is, the target audience of people you want to attract to your online business, to your website, and to your pages and offers.

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If you're not sure what I mean, here's how it works: Your target audience is actively searching for information, answers to their challenging problems, and fixes for their problems.

When they find your content online, they choose to click -- they choose to click on your content in search results pages, on YouTube, or anywhere else your content can be found online. They choose to read your article, watch your video, and consume your content.

And if you're helpful, if you can help them get closer to the results they want, then they'll consume more and more of your content, they'll join your audience, follow you, and sign up for your email list.

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And this is your opportunity to help them further, develop a closer relationship to them, and eventually send them offers to your problem-solving products and services. Pre-qualifying is huge. There's no sense in spending time, effort, or money on people who have no interest in what you do.

And so with content marketing backed by a solid SEO strategy, your audience finds you instead of you struggling to find them. And further, they self-select and pre-qualify themselves for you. Someone who isn't interested in what you do wouldn't bother consuming your content...and that's just fine.

Think of it this way: Ads are intrusive and pushy. They get in our way and interrupt what we're doing. Do you think that's an effective way to build trust and credibility with your audience?

On the other hand, great and helpful content gives the sorts of people you want to work with what they were already looking for.

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